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A magic place mt Warning.



Buddhist temple repairs..

Living The Magic Life.

I talk to myself, what do I say? “What a wonderful day.

Life is grand.” I shake my own hand, “What a mighty land.”

I want to run to my magic place, no, there are things that need to be done,

 do your duty and let it be fun.


Demanding work art detail.


How can I play all day and make the work go away.

Attitude, work is play if we see it that way.

It is in our mind whether it is work or play.

 I can enjoy the day in a different way.

I want to run to my magic place.

I want to run but it is not a race.

The human race sets a stampede pace.

Concrete will be covered with coloured tiles.

Always wanting makes people rush, hurrying to where they want to be,

 they miss the good things they could see,on the way.

“Slow down.” I say “enjoy this day.”

It is up to you what you want to do. I choose to do what is required of me.

 It is like breathing, a necessity.

 Obligations and genuine needs are best done with delight,

 if you want to sleep sound at night.

Makes my work childs play.

 Life is a challenge to do your best;

 a job well done is like a test.

 The more you practice the better you do.

 Very soon work is fun to you.

Doing good work is the right way,

 to find contentment in your day.

No worry or strife free from desire, wanting and greed.

 We find there is pleasure in every deed.

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“Enter the Eight Fold Path and put an end to sorrow.” The Buddha said.

The path is not easy to follow it takes understanding, perseverance and self discipline. Each person must work out his or her own salvation,       without divine aid.

The Buddha said: “By oneself alone is evil done, by oneself is one defiled.By oneseff is evil avoided,by oneself  is one purified, impurity depends on oneself, no one can purify another.”

Right understanding is the first step on the Eight Fold Path. To understand The Four Noble Truths is right understanding. The first truth is life is dukkha, dukkha has no equivalent meaning in English, to describe it as pain and suffering is misleading.  Life is unsatisfactory because every thing in life is subject to change, because of this fact nothing gives us permanent satisfaction. Not realising this we want and cling to impermanent things, this is the cause of much of our pain and sorrow.  

 The second noble truth:  the cause of suffering is ignorance, greedily wanting and clinging to pleasurable things, and fearing and avoiding the opposite, causing suffering.

The third noble truth:  there is a remedy to these problems.

The fourth noble truth: to follow the Eight fold Path. Some times called the Middle way because it is a way of moderation and balance. the Buddha knew from experience that a life of indulgence did not bring contentment and a life of abstinence and suffering did not bring salvation. after questioning and searching and meditating, stilling his mind, applying deep thought, The Buddha came to true understanding or enlightenment, the basic truth and the ethical path that leads to the end of sorrow.

There is nothing supernatural about this. Over the years folk laws have been built up around the Buddha and his teaching by his followers. The Buddha said ” do not follow my teaching without question. Follow follow truth and goodness where ever it be found”.  

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