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Windows and views.

There is no end to the different ways of look at windows and photographing them. If we use our imagination photography is an art and a way to show others something they may not notice. So I have chosen for Dawn’s “Lingering look at windows.” a variety of thing we can see looking at windows and out of windows and the varied designs of windows, how windows often reflect like a mirror and how abstract compositions can be made using windows. My photos are not the high quality of a professional photographer but I hope they can give ideas for others to follow-up.

Often we are critical of a photo that may be a bit out of focus and miss its other qualities. A judgmental approach to all things in life hampers our ability of enjoyment. We are given the wrong message as children when we are told you have to do better. Top of the class second place is no good. We should be told do your best and enjoy what you are doing, stay focused and keep practicing. You can only do your best.

I paid my three sons a wage for helping me do the work in running our home. They each got the same wage and my eldest son thought he should get more than his brothers because he did more work. I asked him was he doing his best and if his brothers were doing their best. “Yes” he said to both questions. “That is good, because that is what you are being paid to do, no one can be expected to anymore.” My answer satisfied him but I gave them all an increase. They were earning it and they all have grown up able to look after themselves.

Everything you do should be your best but that does not mean you have to make it a chore. People say to children do your chores or you will get no pocket-money. The definition of a chore is an unpleasant task. My sons felt grown up they were paid a wage for working and the work was challenging for boys but the rewards were worthwhile.

What has all this got to do with windows? Everything is interrelated, I will explain that some other time. I have already wandered away from the window and my view is lost. Getting back to the window, my view is do your best have a go and enjoy your view.

This is different.

This is different.

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