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Time well spent.


Time to live.

Time has taken a holiday.

We are measuring it in the ancient way.

By a cast shadow time was measured.

In this way every moment was treasured.

Not watching digits flashing past.

Reminding our life will not last.

Are you old enough to tell the time.

Although you have what you require,

you hasten for all things you desire.

There is no need for frantic action.

Let the sunset be today’s attraction.

Nature’s gifts are totally free,

a fantastic treat for you and me.

The sun has done its work today.

A wonderful time of day to appreciate.

Now the stars will come out to play.

Twinkling bright for all to see,

They spread all the way to eternity.

There is no moon in the sky tonight.

Therefore the stars are extra bright.

A glass of wine the stars above,

Relaxing with the one you love.

Pauline and Jack.

Savouring the taste of Cheddar cheese,

the scent of Frangipane on the evening breeze.

Life is delightful; all you need to do is take it slow.

Do not struggle, co-operate and go with the flow.

Hurrying to the fabled gold at the rainbows end

It is only a mirage; always out of reach my friend.

Orchids are beautiful but you can not eat them.

Nature’s priceless free gifts will come to you,

Spending time with her is all you have to do.

Your life will sparkle things will shine.

If only you would take your time.

Give it time and you will have pumpkin soup.

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