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Barkley H/way.


Symbol of Appreciation.

Traveling on the Capricorn Highway from Dingo to Emerald North West Queensland, I was riding in the passenger seat while my pommepal did the driving. I was mesmerized by the panorama passing by and the endless similar landscape appearing before us.

I relaxed into a samadhi state of mind. I thought although all the bush looked very similar in overall pattern it was totally unique in detail. Every plant in nature has its own genetic blue print to follow and if left undisturbed would be perfectly symmetrical in its growth. This would make a very boring world.

So it is fortunate there are interference from the wind as well as birds, animals and insects doing damage, to cause trees to grow in distorted shapes and have interesting notches and hollows. This is what contributes to making the Australian landscape so interesting and beautiful. There are endless wonders to behold, if one takes the time to slow down, stop and look. As 130 km/hr. is the speed limit on many of these outback roads, many people never see the wondrous variety of things to enjoy.

Learning from books is a good way to gain knowledge, but to know and not to do is still not to know. To have knowledge from books and experience from life is truly wisdom. Nature has something for everybody to enjoy and be interested in. Not to be interested in the wondrous beauty of nature is to insult the creator, whoever or what aver you believe that to be. To be in tune with nature is to be in balance. Like a tightrope walker ever mindful, walking the line between ecstasy and doom.     

Traveling the outback in a modern vehicle should never be dull or monotonous. Having said that, these are the longest, straightest and flattest roads in the world and at times we need to get to a camp site before dark so stopping for a break has to be forfeited. When this happens I do need a change, so I do some writing, sometimes in rhyme; with a bit of imagination you could call it poetry.

I drew a symbol on a long run somewhere near Camooweal not far from the border of Northern Territory. It was a rough sketch so I have worked on it in Photoshop.

Guiding symbol.

It incorporates the Four Noble Truths, represented by the square. The eight pointed star for the Eight Fold Path. Yin and yang symbol for balance of opposites. The curved line between Yin and yang is for perfect balance and harmony of all things. The circle is for everlasting never ending eternity of nature.

Barkley Homestead on way to Renner springs.

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