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Especially for you.

Especially for you.

Love potion number 1965.

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Love potion use as instructions specified.

Love potion use as instructions specified.

When I asked, “Do you believe in god.”

she said “No there is only a devil. If there was a god bad things would not happen.”

“You don’t believe the stories in the bible?”

“Not all the stories.”

“Why not?”

“Because it was written by men for men they made God a man. There is no missus God.”
“So what do you believe?”

“I believe greed is a sin, if there was not greed everyone would have enough and be happy.”

“Is greed the cause of all the problems in the world?”

“Ignorance, fear and greed are the causes of all evil, all good things are the result of kindness.”

“You sound like a Buddhist.”

“Religion causes arguments. Let’s change the subject, or we will finish up fighting, let’s make love not war.”


Not from the mouths of these babes,

By love she meant adult play, it was uninhibited physical passionate engagement.
The word love used loosely, as I often do, is ambiguous the word love needs adjectives to define it. Unconditional love – agape in Greek as apposed to Eros or the word meta the Pali word – like parental love.

Wise words.

Wise words.

 My inhibitions prevented me from acting in a totally relaxed and natural way. I loved her and always will remember her free uninhibited love.
Religion gets people mixed up and perverted about their body. Causing natural behaviour to be distorted and can be the cause of mental disorders. Priests, monks and nuns, forced to live an unnatural life, come under a lot of pressure. Recently the Catholic Church has been embarrassed by priests charged with paedophilia.

A red rose has thorns.

A red rose has thorns.

I do not believe these people are evil it is what they are afflicted with that is the problem. Removing these impurities and defilements would restore the person. As waste water is filtered and becomes useful so can corrupt humans, in most cases be reformed.

Passion flower.

Passion flower.

Circumstances play a big part in our life. Life can be turbulent or calm; when we are having a bad hair day we are not at our best. Aussies are good sports men, no underhand play (bowling), when they are winning.
The point is get all the facts don’t be quick to condemn. There is a lot of good in the worst of us and a lot of bad in the best of us, so it is not right for the best of us to judge the rest of us. Who is going to cast the first stone?

More wisdom.

More wisdom.

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Fully Absorber in the Now.

Watching the action.

Watching the action.


I put the finishing touches to the picture.

Fully focused on what I am doing and thinking of nothing else.

Now I think I’ll pencil it in the calligraphy, then I hear but am not listening.


‘Then see how it looks before using the ink.’


I am aware of the irritable emotion but answer without thinking.

“What’s the problem?”

“You are the problem, I don’t know if you can hear me or are ignoring me.”

“I am absorbed, doing some art.”

“Can’t you just say YES so I know you have heard?”

Aware I am getting annoyed, I should have done my little, count to ten, few deep breaths, unmindful I just respond.

! YES! YES!” Then I realise I am losing my temper.

“Just go back to your art sorry I interrupted you!”

 “No I want to know, should I ring the fire brigade or the police what is the emergency?” That was I realise nasty, sarcasm.

“It is not important, I just wanted to know where you hid the rake, it is not where it should be kept.”

“Sorry, last time I saw it was when we were mulching up the pruning.”

“Well it is not where it should be kept.”

 I am trying to recall what happened.

“I was raking up the last of the leaves; yes, you called me to help put the tarp around the mulching machine. Have you looked in where the mulcher is?”

“No, did you leave it there?”

“May be I was raking up and you asked me to help you with the mulcher I probably just put it down without thinking, I remember putting my gloves back on the bench but can’t remember what I did with the rake.”

“You remember all that but can’t remember where you put the rake.”

“Well I was not thinking at the time I was running on auto pilot, unmindful just responding not fully aware.”

“What’s all this living in the now you have been reading about?”

Two minutes later “I found the rake, where you left it in by the mulcher.”

“That’s great, come and have a look at what I’ve done.”

“I like the surfer catching the wave, but what has that got to do with the writing,

“We only have one moment to live and that is NOW.”

“Well the wave is passing but the surfer has caught it, he is living right in the now.”

“And you left the rake in the past.”

“Let’s not live in the past”

“If you want to live in the now, be mindful of where you leave the rake in future.”

Some times we get dumped.

This is the drawing I was fully absorbed in.


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