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Tom Price Mine.


Look on the Brightside.

Never say it’s a dismal day, don’t let the clouds get in the way.

Behind the cloud the sun’s still there, stay positive don’t despair.

Its rain that makes the rivers flow, its rain that makes the garden grow.

Rain may come winds may blow; still you’re lucky you’re not an Eskimo.

It is not freezing or too hot, so be happy with what we’ve got.

The trees for shade when it is dry, not a cloud up in the sky.

Think of the desert without rain then you will be happy once again.

When the weather don’t go as you desire, an umbrella maybe all you require.

Life supplies the music, we must sing along.

Sing with all your feeling, makes a pleasant song.

Nature is the subject; life supplies the canvas and all the rest.

You are the artist, look for the beauty then paint your best.

Some things we cannot change, it is our self we have to rearrange.

Just see what you can do, with what is given to you.

In the hot sun on the other hand, a day at the beach would be grand.


Storm on the way to Karrtha.

Leaving 80 Mile Beach before storm traps us on the dirt road..


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