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The smile and body language says it all.

Miss who?

Misunderstanding, most of the problems, arguments and even wars, I believe are caused by misunderstanding and ignorance. With ignorance of the full facts a person misjudges a situation. There are other factors that contribute to our difficulty in living in harmony with our fellow man or should I say fellow person?

Here is an example of misunderstanding. Some woman may have had a bad experience with a macho man with a big ego. Then she reads, Miss who? Picks up on misunderstanding, ignorance and fellowman, she could easily wrongly assess the motive in my writing. My intention is to promote understanding. Miss Who? Was my idea of humor, I did not go too far and mention misbehave, that would be a misdemeanor, this is probably not funny to most people.

Stress of modern life.

We have to be very careful with humor. Normally no one minds you laughing with them but usually people do mind you laughing at them and often someone is the brunt of the joke. Remember moderation in all things especially humor, Still never lose your sense of humor, it can keep you smiling over those tough times.

No mistaking these smiles.

Hitch hiking back in the 60s sometimes, when the lifts were few and far between and the situation was getting desperate. I would think of something funny as a prospective lift approached this put a smile on my face. I had noticed other hitch hikers with grim looks on their faces, they were worried looks but to the drivers they looked unfriendly and desperate and fear prevented them from stopping.

Sam, I call him Sam Simardi.

Unsmiling worried looking faces can give the wrong impression to people making snap judgments. When a person is stressed and has troubles they may not only look uninviting, their disposition can also be unfriendly. In most cases this is only temporary. We need to have full understanding of any situation before we start making judgments and airing our views.

Fear contributes to a good deal of our problems; fear is often used by manipulative, ignorant, and greedy people to achieve their objectives. Armies and weapons of mass destruction, we are told, protect us from invasion. Conversely other countries aware of the buildup of forces, in fear, increase their weaponry. This fear is a waste of effort and resources that could be put to better causes. When we smile we send a message that is understood in all languages. Kindness and a helping hand promotes reciprocity.

All children are special.

You now have a positive and a negative list of words. Negative words are misunderstanding, ignorance, fear and greed, positive words are understanding, trust, kindness, moderation and balance.

People in love are beautiful.

This leads me to think, if less was spent by the rich countries on weapons of mass destruction and more on foreign aid, there would be less envy, discontentment and hate. There would be less damage to environment as our resources are wasted on blowing up cities, then rebuilding them.  Have you wondered who profits from war?

This is someones happy home.

I have traveled alone in foreign lands and been treated kindly by the locals. I have tried to smile and look friendly, respected their ways and never flaunted my affluence. I have been more a traveler than a rich tourist wanting a good time. My aim has been to experience their way of life and see the wonders of their country.

Finish on a happy note.

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