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A fabulous trip into a lost paradise.

It started off as an ordinary fossicking trip till I got on tracks not shown on my map. I was not lost, I could see Mt Warning in the general direction of east. I had just strayed off the path in

Hippi Van.

unfamiliar territory. With not a house in sight, alone with nature, till I came to some folks dressed in rainbow coloured, recycled clothes, sitting, yoga fashion, beside the track. When I inquired about my location they were not much help, they seemed to be lost themselves. I told them I was looking for gem stones and showed them some I carry for trading. They were fascinated. I have never seen people so mesmerized by a few sparkly crystals.

They offered me a cigarette they were sharing. I declined the offer and warned them that nicotine was bad for their health. They assured me that their smoke had no nicotine; it was a medicinal blend of local herbs and grasses. They looked healthy and happy so I joined in their smoko.

The day took on a new dimension. I shared my thermos and picnic lunch. What a way to be lost, captivating, convivial, company in this radiant, enchanted, peaceful, picturesque place. To me being lost felt wonderful. I gave them my gemstones they were so pleased they presented me with a plastic bag of their herbal medicine.

I reluctantly said farewell, the smoke tended to make my eyes water but I was happy in the knowledge I was not the only one lost in paradise. It turned out to be a perfect place to fossick, every stone I saw was a gem. There were too many to carry and I was enjoying the day so why bother to burden myself with heavy stones? The day was too good and I was feeling lazy. No one will ever know how beautiful those stones were as I never bothered to note the location. Home I went empty handed achieving nothing from my trip.

Except I did confirm a couple of old adages, you can’t take it with you, and you only get out of something what you put into it.

Flower People, where have they gone.

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