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Window of reflection.

Window of reflection.

Stop to think.

New Angle.

New Angle.

Why am I writing this blog? Who wants to hear what an old uneducated self-appointed guru is waffling about? What would I know that is not available on your smart phone or PC device? You have an encyclopedia and more at your finger tips. So stop reading rubbish and playing games. Be selective in what you fill your head with. There is so much information available, why are so many people acting so stupid? At the risk of being put in the know all category I will tell you. Most of the information is misinformation. we accept comments, opinions and gossip as facts. Think, who is this writer, commentator or critic, is his opinion based on proven facts or hearsay, have they an ulterior motive that suites some personal needs or political genders?

Cathedral masonry showing squar eyes.

Cathedral masonry showing a square eye. What is the message?

All I have is eighty years in life’s unstable, ever-changing and challenging school of hard knocks as qualifications.  I have not repeated many lessons and have survived with a smile on my face and I am looking forward to more challenges.

My Photoshop fun.

My Photoshop fun.

Just when I thought I had all the answers, they changed the questions.

Children enjoy Chinese New Years Celibrations.

Children enjoy Chinese New Years celebrations.

As for motives, it could be ego driven, but I have fooled myself into believing it was helpful advice to some young inexperienced people. But when I look at my blog comments and likes, it appears the people visiting my blog are not in that category.

Family fun ,note tatooed hand.

Family fun ,note tattooed hand.

The people who could benefit from my knowledge are watching TV or recovering from last night’s party or on their mobile phone chatting up their latest heart-throb. I think that is a natural and a good thing. How can one really learn if not by experience? They have the resilience and stamina to bounce back.  Some who push the limits may be cut down permanently because of their folly. As Ned Kelly said as they slipped the noose over his head, “Such is life.”

Candid camara almost.

Candid camera almost.

I now stop and think, I will change my style of blog. I will put in a few of my photos, more appropriate quotes and less of my words. I will mention books I believe are worth reading. That will give me more time to meditate, read more, exercise and practice what I have been preaching.

In their way windows appreciate a beautiful day.

In their way windows appreciate a beautiful day.

I have learned by writing my thoughts and ideas they are now clarified in my own mind. My blog has actually coached me in kindness, respect and appreciation of natures gifts. I smile at everyone I meet with the feeling that we are all one family.

Look out, look in and look at surprises are every where.

Look out, look in and look at surprises are everywhere.


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