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In Geelong.

In Geelong.


Helen Reddy probably best known for her song “I am Woman” sang a lot of songs with a good message. Back in the mid 70’s, she sang the best part of a good love is “Free and Easy.” Another one I liked was “And I Love You So.”  Another Australian favorite song was Olivia Newton John’s “Magic” you have to believe we are magic, I like inspirational songs.

Noe of Jack's jotting.

One of Jack’s jotting.

The right choice of music can lift you out of depression or a lazy mood or calm you if you are excited. I choose the type of music depending on how I want to feel.

Take the rains and ride.

Take the reins and ride.

Fair-ground merry-go-round music too, can have a subliminal effect bringing back old memories. Olivia sings, “Please mister please”, and the line, “don’t play sweet 17, I don’t ever want to hear that song again.” That is good advice if you are between merry-go-round rides. In time you will have no problem with those songs, time is a great healer.

Up & down it changes round.

Life changes round with ups & downs.

Most songs have associations with the past, it is best not to dwell in the past, except for songs that recall past joys. Music can recall those happy days and nights.

A symbol of love.

My favorites were once top hits, but like me that was back in the 60s and 70s, even much further back than that. Am I past my use by date? I sure am not rocking and rolling as I used to. But I will keep dancing till the music stops.

A rose for your thoughts.

A rose for your thoughts.

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