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This is no day dream this is for real.

I Had a dream.

Anything can happen in a dream. We dream all the time awake or asleep. We often cannot recall the dreams we have when asleep. In one dream I was flying over a garden full of flowers. The view was the same as you would see if you were hang-gliding. In the dream I was buzzing along, not in an airplane, I was a bee buzzing along. Anything can happen when you are dreaming and in this dream I was a big, busy bumble bee buzzing along looking for a lovely beautiful flower to pollinate. Not like Chuang Chou, he dreamt he was a butterfly and when he woke up, he wondered was he a butterfly dreaming he was a man. I am not confused, in my dream I am a bee, doing a wonderful job pollinating flowers what better work can you get than that?


A bee in paradise.

I am attracted to this lovely looking flower, I zoom down wu wei! She is not only easy on the eye she feels soft, a feeling beyond words. There is nothing better than doing a job you love, it is not work, it is a pleasure. So I commence the pollination process. That is when I woke up and realized I was only dreaming. No different to the man who dreamt he was in paradise and given a flower and when he woke up he found that flower in his hand, Unreal!

What are their dreams?

Reality is hard to define everything is subject to change in the passage of time. The world was believed to be flat; the earth was believed to be the centre of the universe. The truth we now believe is the world is spherical and it is an allusion we see when the sun rises or sets. In reality our world is revolving around the sun. What other allusions does man in his ignorance believe? We must keep an open mind and be prepared to listen to other views then we can better evaluate the truth.

Sleeping like a baby.

We do need to believe in things to morally guide our actions, religious or an ethical philosophy, giving us a direction to aim for in our life. Without something you will drift like a boat without a rudder. With any religion you will have a moral code of ethics to follow and the fellowship of like minded people. Like a ship with a rudder and compass in working order and chartered course to go by. You will have joined an armada sailing under the same orders.

We are one but we are many.

If you find the flotilla is heading a course full of obstacles and you are shown a more direct and safe course. Although it may take moral strength, it would be foolish to continue in a direction you did not believe in. We are not boats, still we need to know the best guidelines to follow. To find the right guidelines will entail keeping an open wind and this takes quite a lot of time and effort.

Would this be a wooden Lao Tzu?

Maybe that is why most people take the lazy way and put their trust in someone they believe they can trust. Sometimes the nicest of people, honest, loving and caring can be misguided; others may have an ulterior motive. It is an adult’s responsibility to study different people’s beliefs to get some understanding of their ways and what they hold sacred. We then may be able to smooth out a lot of conflict and unrest.

A very special image of the Buddha.

Dreaming is not reality it is something subliminal deep in our mind, perhaps it is a wish too complex for the conscious mind to come to terms with or it could be something unresolved in our waking hours. Maybe a dream is triggered by something we are obsessed with. I will tell you the dream I had with my eyes wide open.  No reoccurring dreams invaded my sleeping hours. My next post will be “The Waking Dream.”, it is one of those daydreams. Can you imagine anything like it? I like short posts, so you are invited back to see how the dream session ends.

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