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A bright idea, 'many hands make light work'.

A bright idea, ‘many hands make light work’.

Easter is a Holy Day, a Holiday to be Respected.

Too many cooks, not in Pauline's kitchen,

Too many cooks, not in Pauline’s kitchen,

Disregard the doctrines of dogmatic beliefs accept only what is beneficial, logical and ethical. Seek the wisdom of peace and kindness hidden by the pomp and ceremony of priests and guru dignitaries.

It looks like Renoir's Boating party.

It looks like Renoir’s Boating party.

The higher you climb up the mountain in search of truth, the more you will see that many spiritual paths converge to reach the same goal.

 All major religions have five principals they agree on. For the sake of peace can we disregarded what does not appeal to us.

 What is this neutral ground we can all share in common?

Abstaining from taking life most would agree on.

 Not stealing, we should only take what is given.

 Refraining from lies, stealing, envy and sexual misconduct these are ethics we can agree on.

Play together and stay together.

Play together and stay together.

There is no need for fences of bigotry baring us from access to the love to be found in sincere believers in all religions.

A small part of the family.

A small part of the family.

 Our life is precious and  we value our belongings so the wise abide by the ‘Golden Rule’, realising we are all interdependent and every action has a reaction. This is Newton’s third law relating to physical force. To Hindu and Buddhist this is like the automatic reaction of karma.

 In life karma is obvious when people respond to our actions in like manor. Smile at someone to test this they will usually smile back. That is a test of karma try it often to see how it works. If you get no response it may be because they have no smiles left in them and perhaps your smile has saved them from starving.

 Do not expect others or supernatural powers to correct the problems in the world. Do not complain protest and stir up more unrest. The change in the world starts with a personal change in our own behaviour.

Suwon a walled city South Korea 30 km from Seoul.

Suwon a walled city South Korea 30 km from Seoul.

 Open your mind, open your heart and open the welcome gate. Pull down your walls of distrust, fear, greed and remedy hate with understanding. Walls are built because of fear, greed and distrust. Huge houses are needed to hoard possessions and store more than is needed. Weapons and defences are increased out of fear; this only creates fear in our neighbours.

That burka could be hiding a weapon of mass destruction.

If you are afraid you may want to carry a gun.

 I am not going to lose any sleep over what is beyond my control. If the gods do not want to fix it why should I worry? We can be content if we do our own personal best to promote love in the world around us, helping people when we can. Appreciating and conserving Mother Nature’s gifts and endeavoring to follow an ethical path.

It is all beautiful with the right attitude.

It is all beautiful with the right attitude.

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