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Those Autumn leaves.

Those Autumn leaves.

Why would anyone leave their home in tropical Queensland, to go to Tasmania in autumn, the beginning of winter? Well it gets you out of your comfort zone, we need challengers and on the Gold Coast it is golden sand not golden autumn leaves. A change could be the reason although everything changes. So the reason is Pauline my <pommepal.wordpress,com> wanted to go and when she asked me I gave her my usual answer, “What ever.” I like to cooperate and go with the flow. I have found things run smoother when we are obliging. Thinking along these lines I wrote this.  Hit the above link for photos and more of our adventures.

Logging in on big things.

Logging in on big things.

Life’s  Highway.

Cruising in the afternoon sun, all our work has been done.

We have both paid our dues, we have nothing to lose.

Where ever we hang our hat is home, this wonderful world is ours to roam.

To drift along with the flow, we have found is the best way to go.

Just like the birds in the trees, we are floating along with the breeze.

Smiling at everyone on the way, we make new friends every day.

We were up with the dawning, watching the sun rise this morning.

The days seem to rush past, how long can the blue skies last?

Rain must come you know, to make the flowers grow.

Rain will come and rain will go just comply go with the flow.

Rain makes the rivers run then a boat would be fun.

If the weather decides to storm, we will find some where cozy and warm.

Today we are out in the sun, meeting and greeting everyone.

As the sun sinks over the hill, I am feeling I have had my fill.

As the day finishes in a blaze of glory, I will leave behind my story.

We all have only this one life to live; it is not what you take but what you give.

If you push and shove and hurry, you only invite trouble and worry.

A helpful, kind and sharing human race would make the world a better place.

Make this your main aspiration, to be a real inspiration.



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A alone wee waif.

A lone wee waif.

This is my answer to your challenge, Time out for art thanks Lisa Zeebra.

He looks sad but he is full of mischief. I just lack the talent to make him look happy. Maybe trying to get him to stay still made him sad. If he would have just sat still I think I could have put a smile on his face. I was tempted to put a cartoon smile on his face but that is not the challenge, a cartoon smile is too easy.

I got him to stay still by eating a biscuit and he sat there looking so mournful. You would think he was starving, dogs make you guilty every mouthful you take with their pleading look.

This drawing reminds me of a poem I knew as a child. ‘A loan wee waif of tawny brown. Adrift in the roar of a headless town. That begs as plain as tongue can sue. “Oh mister please may I follow you.” ‘I do not know who wrote it or any more lines. Maybe some one can jog my memory?



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In Geelong.

In Geelong.


Helen Reddy probably best known for her song “I am Woman” sang a lot of songs with a good message. Back in the mid 70’s, she sang the best part of a good love is “Free and Easy.” Another one I liked was “And I Love You So.”  Another Australian favorite song was Olivia Newton John’s “Magic” you have to believe we are magic, I like inspirational songs.

Noe of Jack's jotting.

One of Jack’s jotting.

The right choice of music can lift you out of depression or a lazy mood or calm you if you are excited. I choose the type of music depending on how I want to feel.

Take the rains and ride.

Take the reins and ride.

Fair-ground merry-go-round music too, can have a subliminal effect bringing back old memories. Olivia sings, “Please mister please”, and the line, “don’t play sweet 17, I don’t ever want to hear that song again.” That is good advice if you are between merry-go-round rides. In time you will have no problem with those songs, time is a great healer.

Up & down it changes round.

Life changes round with ups & downs.

Most songs have associations with the past, it is best not to dwell in the past, except for songs that recall past joys. Music can recall those happy days and nights.

A symbol of love.

My favorites were once top hits, but like me that was back in the 60s and 70s, even much further back than that. Am I past my use by date? I sure am not rocking and rolling as I used to. But I will keep dancing till the music stops.

A rose for your thoughts.

A rose for your thoughts.

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The silent speech of flowers.

What has the flower got to say,

in its floral flowery silent way?

The flower speaks without a word.

Only by your eyes can it be heard.

Life is fleeting.

Some flowers have a message to disclose.

Not to the ear but the unblocked nose.

It’s scent and colour is not for you alone to see,

Its purpose is also to attract the pollinating bee.

Like snow flakes on the river one moment white then lost for ever. Robbie Burns..

In mans egotistical arrogant way,

He thinks it is for him this display.

But we have to go to a flower to see,

the deeper true meaning of its beauty.

This flower is here to-day gone tomorrow.

By silent example it can show

all things will change and must go.

Wanting to possess we grasp and cling

a flower shows that is a fleeting thing.

When you willfully pick a flower the bloom soon dies.

You understand not with your ear but with your eyes.

Time is fleeting things do not last.

Do it now before your time has passed.

Do not leave things undone,

give your love and have some fun.

Be aware beauty does not last,every thing is subject to change.

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Shadow of Myself.



Shadow Of myself.

I am part of Pauline’s shadow, we move as one, and without Pauline I would cast a pale shadow.

My three sons have always been the light in my life without their warmth I would not exist at all. I cast more than one shadow, depending on the position of what is elluminating me.

Pauline has eclipsed me but my ego is under control, so I can live with that, there is no reason to get out of step or change step. If I were ever forced to change step, it would be a cloudy day and my shadow would not be so defined.

It is wonderful to have friends, even if they are other peoples. My friends are Pauline’s friends; many would disappear like dew drops in the morning sun without Pauline. Then the clouds would bring rain and the grass would grow again. As for the flowers in my garden, they would never look the same and I would have to work hard for them to bloom at all. My sons would be a help but they have gardens of their own to tend.

When the storm clouds gather, the storm clouds inky black and shadows wax strongly and thunder bolts hurtle, the lightning flickers around my lonely track, you may see an eerie figure shadow all bathed in electric blue, cast by a ghostly figure of a fellow you once knew.

Looking to Surfers Paridise from Burleigh Headland.

I love a sun burnt country, I live down by the sea and except for melanoma, there’s no better place to be. So when you are in Surfers keep an eye out for a shadow obscured by SPF30, the shadow cast by me.

Jacks shadow.

After storm clouds, rainbows tend to appear, and shadows are not so noticeable in soft delicate light. I look for rainbows but during stormy weather, when the world has got me snouted cool fortune’s dirty left has smote my soul, a segmental bloke like me looks at the ones worse off, that gets my mind off me and my troubles.

Troubles and worries all pass, nothing stays the same, time changes both the pleasant and the unpleasant. The past has gone, don’t worry, the now will pass, don’t worry, the future is unknown, don’t worry be happy. It is said worry does not help, but most of the things I have worried about never happened. Keep a positive attitude look at the donut not the hole.

Note. I recall some lines from old favorite Aussie poems and sprinkle them in, see if you can find them.

 4 verse. “Ballard of the Drover.” By Henery Lawson.

Bell Birds.” Henery Kendall.

My Country.” Dorothea Mackllar.

Spring Song.” from . “Songs of The Sentimental Bloke.” C.J. Dennis.

Sunny Out back Winton N.W. Queensland.

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Tom Price Mine.


Look on the Brightside.

Never say it’s a dismal day, don’t let the clouds get in the way.

Behind the cloud the sun’s still there, stay positive don’t despair.

Its rain that makes the rivers flow, its rain that makes the garden grow.

Rain may come winds may blow; still you’re lucky you’re not an Eskimo.

It is not freezing or too hot, so be happy with what we’ve got.

The trees for shade when it is dry, not a cloud up in the sky.

Think of the desert without rain then you will be happy once again.

When the weather don’t go as you desire, an umbrella maybe all you require.

Life supplies the music, we must sing along.

Sing with all your feeling, makes a pleasant song.

Nature is the subject; life supplies the canvas and all the rest.

You are the artist, look for the beauty then paint your best.

Some things we cannot change, it is our self we have to rearrange.

Just see what you can do, with what is given to you.

In the hot sun on the other hand, a day at the beach would be grand.


Storm on the way to Karrtha.

Leaving 80 Mile Beach before storm traps us on the dirt road..


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