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Furry nice blanket.

Furry nice blanket.

What do you want?

She was drawing a heart on her hand.

She was drawing a heart on her hand.

I would like to weave, warm, woolly, words, into a blanket to protect and comfort you on a cold dismal day. To do more than please you, like the fleeting pleasure of youthful love. Like those wonderful shooting stars of pleasure that burnt out in our atmosphere.

They look stable and contented.

They look stable and contented.

Happiness is more stable than pleasure. Happiness is where the bubbling mountain streams combined their strengths, flowing together forming the source of a mighty river. Sharing and appreciating all that passes. Happiness is living with love.

 Happy and couldn't care less what you think.

Happy and couldn’t care less what you think.

To know pleasures pass and although happiness can stay with us to the end, the end is inevitable.   This is not a morbid way to think, it is a fact and when realised, brings joy. Understanding our life is passing, we stop cling to the fleeting pleasures and share happiness and good fortune.

Sharing there joy with "Mustang Sally.

Sharing their joy with “Mustang Sally.

Loving and sharing is the key to the treasures of happiness and the joy locked in life’s treasure chest. Life’s treasures cannot be hoarded in a bank to appreciate. They must be shared to appreciate and be appreciated by everyone, to bring peace and contentment to the world.

I good way to spend the day and you don't need a lot of money.

I good way to spend the day and you don’t need a lot of money.

Wisdom is knowing as the poet said “Pleasures are like snowflakes on the river one moment white then lost forever”. Letting go and sharing brings happiness.

The closest to snow in Queensland.

The closest to snow in Queensland.

Desiring more is disastrous; wanting is the problem child that is conceived of lust. The offspring of wisdom is contentment.

This is not the Suwannee River.

This is not the Swannee River.

Wanting for nothing, ironically, is to have all we need. The struggle for more never brings lasting happiness. Luxuries and status symbols are not necessary. Understanding this promotes love, happiness and contentment. Appreciating what you have, is to be wrapped in a blanket of contentment, protected from the cold, outside world, warm in your inner world with peace of mind. You cannot control the outer world; you can control peace in your own mind.

Keep it wall in balance.

Keep it all in balance.

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A walk on the wild side.

Pauline’s walk on the wild side.

Change to Active.

This is really wild.

This is really wild.

In past posts I quoted The Buddha as saying all things are subject to change and I advise going with the flow of nature. We cannot deny the fact that all things change and water flows to the lowest place. Now you see me hiking uphill. So was that a lot of hot air? No I am letting off steam to lower the pressure, slow the heart rate and keep me fit. It is not exactly steam it is sweat, as exercise is not easy but it has its rewards.

After a walk a cool off is great for the muscles.

After a walk a cool off is great for the muscles.

Hiking up hill, swimming and bike riding are good cardio vascular exercises any thing that gets you puffing is good for the heart and circulation.  Low impact is best like swimming, cycling and the cross trainer in the gym are perfect examples. Start off at a comfortable pace and duration and gradually increase the resistance, cadence and length of time as your fitness improves. Like Yin and Yang a balance is needed. It has to be hard enough to make you puff but not to the point where you are panting and cannot talk. People with heart and health problems need a doctor’s advice on this.

Pauline enjoying a bike ride.

Pauline enjoying a bike ride.

Hatha yoga, Pilates and tai chi are good for flexibility. Again gradually feel your way it is easy to injure muscles by jerky movements or pushing them beyond their limits. Do not hold your breath, breathing is important. Slowly go as far as you can and hold this position for at least ten deep breaths. Do three times it will be easier on the next stretch. This is how to loosen up.  If you have some disability or injury work around it, the rest of your body can be kept supple while the problem part has time to repair.

Not as good a out on the road.

Not as good as out on the road.

Weights and resistance exercises are needed to strengthen bones and build muscle. At my age I want low intensity that is light weights and more repetitions. The older one gets the harder it becomes to build muscle, but muscle condition can be improved and strengthened no matter how old. No matter what age or condition you are in, a sensible exercise program is a health benefit. Assuming you are not athletic take it easy. Pick a weight you can easily lift five times and do that three times. In gym jargon that is five reps x three sets. When you find you can do ten reps x three sets. It is time for a slightly heavier weight. This will improve your strength and build muscle.

Olga challenges herself machine walking.

Olga challenges herself machine walking.

There are three types of exercise, stretching for flexibility, cardio vascular for the heart, lungs and general fitness and resistance for strength. Exercise combined with a healthy balanced diet is the way to health. Balance the types of food and balance the amount the calories you burn in exercise against your intake of food. It is a complex study getting fit and one must not get fanatical or obsessed worrying too much. As worry creates stress and has adverse effects in every part of the body.

25 minutes varying the resistance gets the heart pumping.

25 minutes varying the resistance gets the heart pumping.

Live an active life doing things you enjoy. Eat slowly savouring wholesome natural foods. Highly processed food often have too much salt or sugar added, artificial colouring and preservatives. Beneficial parts removed and other parts concentrated. Salt, sugar and fat are like drugs, we become addicted to foods containing them and lose our sense of taste. Commercial enterprises are more interested in making a profit than your health. You have to be responsible for your own health.  Do not leave your health to doctors, medicines and pills, they are a last resource.

Just a shadow of myself at sunrise.

Just a shadow of myself at sunrise.



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Happy barth time.

Pleasure, Happiness and


Pleasure is on the outside, happiness is on the inside.

Pleasure is subject to situations and conditions; happiness is controlled by the mind.

Books are pleasure for the mind.

The mind can get addicted to happiness; contentment lets the mind stay free.

With contentment there can be no craving.

Let the desire to want and the need to shun or avoid evaporate like dewdrops in the morning sun.

Happy and contented doing good work.

A grasping person does not find lasting happiness or contentment.

To understand the true nature of things is to be in tune with nature and dance to the music of joy.

All music is good if you have the right frame of mind.

Accidents or luck do not just happen, luck is attracted by thoughtfulness, good deeds and a smiling good disposition.

These good qualities foster friendships and friends give help and support to one another.

Friends give ideas, inspiration and encouragement as well as constructive criticism about faults we need to be aware of.

Skillful exabition.

There are many things we need to know, still it is not only what you know it is also who you know.

Follow only those on the righteous path and those who are straying from what is right lead by your example.

This is the only way to make a change in your world and it is in your immediate environment that it will take effect first.

This is a lifelong endeavor, leaving little room for complaining, gossiping or worry about your aches and pains.

Complaining, arguing and getting angry will not contribute to your luck.

The more you practice being a nice person the luckier you will be.

There will still be times when your luck appears to have deserted you; this is when you need to test your ability to cope.

Remember everything is subject to change both the good times and the bad times in time change.

Behind the clouds the sun still shines, every adversity you have survived has made you stronger.

To break or lose some passion is not the problem it is fretting and getting upset that is causing all your troubles.

Pain is something we have to put up with; suffering is something we choose to do.

Why is she so happy? She has the right attitude.

Look at the less fortunate the ones worse off; do not envy those that appear to have it all.

You can have fleeting pleasures, some happiness or lasting contentment it is your choice.

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