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Be happy in your work.

Nature Lover.

When I refer to nature I am referring to the world and its natural occurring phenomena together with all the physical laws that govern them. Nature is the qualities found in all things. When we experience nature uninfluenced by civilization it is a truly spiritual encounter. To take the time to quietly study nature’s wondrous achievements is uplifting. To have no time to appreciate nature is to miss life’s greatest free gifts.

Garden Poppy.

To ignore nature’s beauty is to insult the creator, who or whatever you believe the creator to be. Pantheists hold the view that nature and God are identical; we will not get sidetracked discussing these issues. The wonders and beauty of nature can fill volumes, I will only touch on a few interesting attributes of nature.

Trees have bark patterns.

No human artist can surpass nature’s beauty and perfection in any medium.   The joy of natures patterns both abstract and real are beyond mans capabilities. There are also the cyclic patterns of day and night, the phases of the moon, the seasons. The orbits of the stars and planets all precisely coordinated in the vastness of space and time, without a fraction of error.  Allowing plants to grow and animals to live, making our existence possible.


There are spatial patterns working to beautiful numerical patterns often to a Fibonacci series of nembers. Fibonacci numbers are formed by adding the two previous numbers to make the next in the series eg. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21… What often looks random in nature on closer inspection is a pattern some are obvious others are not so easily seen because of distortions from accidental interference.

Branching trees like rivers do.

By studying nature’s patterns it is obvious how our world, our fellow creatures and our selves are all interconnected and interdependent. There is a chain of circumstances, if one link is damaged it weakens the whole chain. We are becoming aware of the effects of interfering with natures balance.


The industrial age dominated by a capitalist system gave birth to the throwaway society and the breakdown of family life. While our economic system is based on production and profit rather than conserving and making things that last, we cannot stop the damage. We are encouraged by advertising to buy things we do not need and in many cases we cannot afford. This forms a vicious circle to work harder, to produce more to earn money to buy more things to complicate our life. If you watch T.V. pick your programs carefully and mute the advertisings.

Let us get back a little closer to nature. Take a break find a quiet place in a park where the birds still sing. Just sit a while and enjoy making shapes out of the clouds. Get up early not to go to work but to watch the sun rise. Stay up late not to party but to walk beneath the stars. Slow down take a deep breath and enjoy nature. Take off your shoes earth out, on a sandy beach or paddle in a puddle.

Sorry the puddle is dry.

You have the time if you dispose of that T.V. and are then not tempted by those rude T.V. commercials. I say rude because they interrupt a program you are watching to sell things. Come on live your life; you are missing out on life, watching some actor live a fantasy life for you. You can starve to death watching an actor eat for you.

Something nice caught my eye.

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