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The nature of things.

Not concerned about where and how, just lingering in the here and now.

A ray of sunlight.

I am aware of the air as a fish is the sea; I feel the sun as a leaf on a tree. Without these things where would we be?

A galaxy of dust mites in a beam of sunlight, resemble the stars in the still of night.

You have seen the light.

Are they the same on a different dimension? These are things for Einstein’s comprehension.

Could a speck of dust be a world like ours, with mountains, rivers, trees, birds and flowers?

Quantum physics, fifth dimension and fractal visualization, are things beyond my limited education.

Not concerned about where or how, contented in the here and now.

A breath of air is all I need, then some water and a feed.


I see a heart in this plant.

Then protection from the weather as man has no wool, fur or feather.

Still mans needs are very small, his greed is his main downfall.

To be contented with the basic needs, sharing nature’s gifts and doing good deeds.

Man could live like Adam and Eve in one place and never leave.

It is all there.

No rent to pay in paradise that would be very nice.

Natures wondrous gift, all for free, no need to buy a costly T.V. Bird songs and visual pleasure all taken at your leisure.

This bird was hard to see it was located by ear.

No digital clock to spoil our day, we would flow in a natural way.

Life would be full of joy, like the song “Nature Boy.”

A very strange enchanted boy he told of fools and kings and many things.

He said “The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

Blue is a restful colour.

To return to the now, it is all we have anyhow.

Dreaming about the future, fretting about the past, just let it go everything is in flux it does not last.

We came out of this world naked and alone knowing nothing. We will go back into this world and change into everything.

Lichen I like.


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Happy barth time.

Pleasure, Happiness and


Pleasure is on the outside, happiness is on the inside.

Pleasure is subject to situations and conditions; happiness is controlled by the mind.

Books are pleasure for the mind.

The mind can get addicted to happiness; contentment lets the mind stay free.

With contentment there can be no craving.

Let the desire to want and the need to shun or avoid evaporate like dewdrops in the morning sun.

Happy and contented doing good work.

A grasping person does not find lasting happiness or contentment.

To understand the true nature of things is to be in tune with nature and dance to the music of joy.

All music is good if you have the right frame of mind.

Accidents or luck do not just happen, luck is attracted by thoughtfulness, good deeds and a smiling good disposition.

These good qualities foster friendships and friends give help and support to one another.

Friends give ideas, inspiration and encouragement as well as constructive criticism about faults we need to be aware of.

Skillful exabition.

There are many things we need to know, still it is not only what you know it is also who you know.

Follow only those on the righteous path and those who are straying from what is right lead by your example.

This is the only way to make a change in your world and it is in your immediate environment that it will take effect first.

This is a lifelong endeavor, leaving little room for complaining, gossiping or worry about your aches and pains.

Complaining, arguing and getting angry will not contribute to your luck.

The more you practice being a nice person the luckier you will be.

There will still be times when your luck appears to have deserted you; this is when you need to test your ability to cope.

Remember everything is subject to change both the good times and the bad times in time change.

Behind the clouds the sun still shines, every adversity you have survived has made you stronger.

To break or lose some passion is not the problem it is fretting and getting upset that is causing all your troubles.

Pain is something we have to put up with; suffering is something we choose to do.

Why is she so happy? She has the right attitude.

Look at the less fortunate the ones worse off; do not envy those that appear to have it all.

You can have fleeting pleasures, some happiness or lasting contentment it is your choice.

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Go with the flow.

You sit here quietly enjoying yourself, forget your active self. Such is not a denial of real self.

There is no real self to deny, as a self that persists always in one pattern, one mood, one degree of intelligence, one turn of affection.

The living you is always changing. Live now except yourself as you are now. There is no one to always blame no one to be always praised.

Each moment you are lifted by a different wave, blown by a wind from a different coast line. Each moment you are responding differently, as chemical combinations change and result in different reactions to changing external stimuli.

If winds seem too strong, know they will subside. If waves seem too high remember the calm below the waves.

The tree on the shore accepts both storm and calm. You must accept, perforce, go with what happens and be part of it.

With no ego to set its self apart, you will find accommodating much more pleasant, than trying to insist the universe accommodates it’s self to a certain ego that feels it’s self too be the eternal, unchanging centre of the whole show.

 This little Boat will survive the storm, as it suits its motions to the wave’s heaves and the winds most furious blasts.

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Roebourne near Karatha W.A.

These are the only photos I had relating to jails, they are not exactly appropriate but do tell a story often ignored and also serve to make us realise how fortunate we are.

Jaol House Key.

I believe there are no bad people there are only sick or ignorant people. Would they be in jaol if they were not ignorant or stupid? By ignorant I am not saying you are stupid I mean you may not have had a good role model or the opportunity to learn. If you are  mentally sick I cannot help you. Go see a doctor, parson, priest or clergyman they will help you, that’s their job. I am only interested in the facts I have no faith in praying, so don’t walk on the water where I am trying to fish. When you pray you are talking to God, I meditate God talks to me and his language is silence or maybe meditation just stills my mind and understanding comes. I tried prayers and found I was talking to myself, so could only rely on myself.

Roebourne old joal near Karatha W.A.

I used to be an angry, ignorant man I worked for money and lived for pleasure. I wanted to have all those wonderful things cars, holidays in Hawaii, best hotels you name it I wanted it. I was always chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can never reach that pot of gold. Lasting pleasure is something out of reach and never achieved by possessively grasping and clinging to things that are by nature impermanent. Nothing is permanent, everything passes and you can’t take it with you. I am reluctant to go for that very reason, this is a wonderful world. One day when these old bones really ache I may be less reluctant.

Roebourne gaols unjust treatment of indigenous people.

The anger is in the past, the past has gone no good grieving over the past good or bad it’s gone, Robbie Burns said “for pleasures are like poppies spread you seize the flower the bloom is shed or like the snow fall on the river one moment white then lost forever.” We can learn from the past but must live in the present. Now is here to live it is a gift that is why we call it the present. No good dreaming of the future we have to enjoy the present.

Being deprived of freedom in any way is not my idea of a good present, but with the right attitude we can put it to the best use. We can read good books, meditate, that is a good way to spend time, no pun intended. The purpose of meditation is to calm the mind and control our thoughts by concentrating on something, like counting our breath, and not being distracted by outside distractions and our own thoughts.

Not much of a view, you can look up at the stars or down at the dust.

Everything changes, nothing lasts, this is a universal truth and the first of The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths.  These are the truths that freed me from ignorance, put me on the Eight Fold Path and gave me an aim in life.   Reading is good but practice is the key to happiness. Think about that and  do it. The Chinese say, “To know and not to do is still not to know.” Sakyamuni, The Buddha’s name, he also said do not accept my teaching without question, try it and see if it works. We should not accept anything on blind faith, but where ever we find helpful ideas we should practice them.

About 2500 years ago The Buddha taught a way of life that promotes peace and contentment. It spread from India to other lands. As it spread it had myths and local religious ideas added and became a mixture of many ideas, not all were rubbish. In China Daoism or Taoism was added, Yin and Yang as well as ancestral worship and Kon gfuzi or in English Confucius ideas. There are many buddhas displayed in temples and many forms of Buddhism.  This is confusing, but makes interesting reading as you sort out the under laying reasons and logic behind these puzzles.

Why there are so many buddhas is because anyone who practices The Buddha’s teaching and reaches novena, becomes a Buddha. Novena is a state of perfect enlightenment. I do not know about Novena, I do know as you learn more about The Four Noble Truths and practice The Eight Fold Path as a way of life you do reach more understanding. As you progress you will become a calmer and happier person in the process.

This is part of the history the victors never recorded.

The indigenous Australians in these photos were guilty of nothing they were used and abused. Today Australian gaols are not barbaric and there is a chance to learn and make a new start, with the right attitude.

I have never been in jaol but that is more good luck than good management. If I had been unfortunate I am not sure how I would have coped. It is so easy to say I would use the time to do all sorts of productive things. Like get physically and mentally fit. It is easy to talk, but it takes money to buy whisky. That saying is not attributed to The Buddha; he did say all things in moderation, I suppose that includes whisky.

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Barkley H/way.


Symbol of Appreciation.

Traveling on the Capricorn Highway from Dingo to Emerald North West Queensland, I was riding in the passenger seat while my pommepal did the driving. I was mesmerized by the panorama passing by and the endless similar landscape appearing before us.

I relaxed into a samadhi state of mind. I thought although all the bush looked very similar in overall pattern it was totally unique in detail. Every plant in nature has its own genetic blue print to follow and if left undisturbed would be perfectly symmetrical in its growth. This would make a very boring world.

So it is fortunate there are interference from the wind as well as birds, animals and insects doing damage, to cause trees to grow in distorted shapes and have interesting notches and hollows. This is what contributes to making the Australian landscape so interesting and beautiful. There are endless wonders to behold, if one takes the time to slow down, stop and look. As 130 km/hr. is the speed limit on many of these outback roads, many people never see the wondrous variety of things to enjoy.

Learning from books is a good way to gain knowledge, but to know and not to do is still not to know. To have knowledge from books and experience from life is truly wisdom. Nature has something for everybody to enjoy and be interested in. Not to be interested in the wondrous beauty of nature is to insult the creator, whoever or what aver you believe that to be. To be in tune with nature is to be in balance. Like a tightrope walker ever mindful, walking the line between ecstasy and doom.     

Traveling the outback in a modern vehicle should never be dull or monotonous. Having said that, these are the longest, straightest and flattest roads in the world and at times we need to get to a camp site before dark so stopping for a break has to be forfeited. When this happens I do need a change, so I do some writing, sometimes in rhyme; with a bit of imagination you could call it poetry.

I drew a symbol on a long run somewhere near Camooweal not far from the border of Northern Territory. It was a rough sketch so I have worked on it in Photoshop.

Guiding symbol.

It incorporates the Four Noble Truths, represented by the square. The eight pointed star for the Eight Fold Path. Yin and yang symbol for balance of opposites. The curved line between Yin and yang is for perfect balance and harmony of all things. The circle is for everlasting never ending eternity of nature.

Barkley Homestead on way to Renner springs.

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Tom Price Mine.


Look on the Brightside.

Never say it’s a dismal day, don’t let the clouds get in the way.

Behind the cloud the sun’s still there, stay positive don’t despair.

Its rain that makes the rivers flow, its rain that makes the garden grow.

Rain may come winds may blow; still you’re lucky you’re not an Eskimo.

It is not freezing or too hot, so be happy with what we’ve got.

The trees for shade when it is dry, not a cloud up in the sky.

Think of the desert without rain then you will be happy once again.

When the weather don’t go as you desire, an umbrella maybe all you require.

Life supplies the music, we must sing along.

Sing with all your feeling, makes a pleasant song.

Nature is the subject; life supplies the canvas and all the rest.

You are the artist, look for the beauty then paint your best.

Some things we cannot change, it is our self we have to rearrange.

Just see what you can do, with what is given to you.

In the hot sun on the other hand, a day at the beach would be grand.


Storm on the way to Karrtha.

Leaving 80 Mile Beach before storm traps us on the dirt road..


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We don’t see instruments like this any more.



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