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Good outlook, heigh position.

The big question.

Philosophers ask the big questions, here are some small questions and ironic answers.

Great job.

Why are we working long hours? The answer is to pay for time and labor saving devices. Why do I need a car to go to the gym? Because we get no exercise driving a car. Cycling or walking in the open air with the world unfolding at an enjoyable pace is worth considering.

Skys the limit.

Why do we need a car that travels faster than the legal speed limit? Same reason people smoke. We need to slow down and look at the flowers you do not see much at fifty km/hr through a smoke haze.

No gym fees low cost transport, no smoke.

Why do we buy expensive equipment and not read the manual on how to use all the available features? Because we do not need all the features we have paid for.

Why do we discard things that are still useful and serviceable? The reason often is because they are not the latest fashion.

We have it all.

Why do we waste our time on material things we do not need? Because we do not value our time that is an irreplaceable commodity.

We may think he has it all.

Why do we want everything? Because we are lacking something.

Why do people argue with us? It is because we are disagreeable. Why are we too short of time to relax? Because we are too busy making money.

On reflection this one has it all.

Why do we worry because most of the things we worry about never happen?

Why do we try to convert others to our beliefs? Because we will not consider changing our beliefs.

Why do some people want for nothing? It is because they are contented with having what they need and real needs are not extravagence.

Which one is the best?

It is a poor man that needs to greedily hoard material things in an effort to be happy. Modern technology can never surpass, in any field of mans costly endeavors, natures gifts. Nature’s wonderful gifts are free to those that respect and appreciate what she offers.

I think I’ll go by train.

This entire futile struggle needs to be questioned and a more leisurely approach, in balance with the flow of nature, is required. 

Bikes are best.


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The Concrete Jungle, with make up on.

Stop paying, stop buying.

It is a war of commercial bill boards fighting for attention.

The hard steel and concrete edges covered with loudly coloured signs screaming look at me. A jumble of logos in a disordered mess of unrelated things, crying for business buy me, purchase here.


Signs of the times.


And they lie, saying no one asked to buy. Perhaps they would rather you put it on hire purchase as  there is more profit in interest than paying cash. Bright coloured writing of every imaginable text on a contrasting background assault the eye.

Look out, if you can.

The war continues beyond nine to five. The big neon guns hit you in the eyes after dark.

Only the driver needs to see out.

Get out of the war zone head for the hills neutral high ground. Looked on from a safe distance we see things sparklingly bright and clear.

Seoul sells.

We feel at peace in the forest surrounded by soft cool soothing green colours. It is a matter of what we need not what we want and are told we must have.

Ronald starts them young.

Our attitude of how we relate to our surroundings. We do not have to let the outside world affect our inner peace. Practicing meditation helps achieve this inner peace then we realize we do not need all they are selling.

The footpath was made for walking.

They are selling and we are buying it, if you do not need it do not buy it, your time is more valuable.

Advertising clutters every city street on every available space tempting us to buy.

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Plants saving the seashore.

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