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Drawn in the sixties, high on loco weed.

I was high on the smoke from the buds of the cannabis plant, when I sketched this.

That was the in thing in the sixties, light up, tune in and drop out.

It was a wonderful time, except for Vietnam, bad trips, people freaking out and some over dosing on the heavy drugs.

We tend to remember the wonderful part, like extravagant, over the top designed cars, we saw no end to earths gifts. 

The music “The Games People play”, “San Francisco” be sure to wear a flower in your hair, we were lucky living in a land of plenty.

The peace movement , “Blowing in the Wind”. We were becoming aware of conservation and the rights of women.

I started to grow up, the bubble had burst, I learned all is subject to change.

Till the mid sixties I did not realise that nature was a delicate balance and not mine to exploit.

Over the top.

 All the jumping up and down about the Vietnam war was futile, like Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction,

They were words of mass seduction. Who makes money on war? The ones who produce the weapons and then rebuild the ruins.

To support either party is wrong as both sides are but a reflection of one reality. The true enemies are not people but ideology,

greed, hatred and ignorance. 

I done a lot of miles in one of these.


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