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 My Lady Friend.

Smile and be beautiful.

Smile and be beautiful.

My lady friend is everything to me. She is a goddess her beauty is beyond compare. I am in love. When you are in love life takes on a new wonderful dimension. It is marvelous, every sight and every sound is full of delight. It is glorious to be alive and to bask in this divine enchantment.

A flowers bloom is it's smile.

A flowers bloom is its smile.

It sounds possessive to say my lady friend. I cannot claim sole rights to her charms. She is too generous to give herself to one man. Her boundless beauty is a gift she freely gives to all who pay her attention. I am not envious; I am delighted, when others appreciate and join in sharing her delights and loveliness.

Painted lady.

Painted lady.

Actually she is not really a lady.  She can be rough and wild, cruel and harsh; she is capricious, awesome, amusing, gentle, bright and sparkling but never dull. Because in all her moods, in whatever she does, she is supreme. No mortal can surpass her accomplishments in any art or craft. She is not young, yet she is not an old spinster, she can show all the freshness of springtime.  She is ageless and eternal in her magnificence. How can I describe her?

Natural beauty.

Natural beauty.

As a matter of fact she is affectionately described as Mother Nature our ultimate provider. Her laws control everything from the minute to the magnificent. Her law balances our interdependent ecosystem as well as the stars orbiting in the cosmos. She makes the rules; if her children are unruly she will deal out her tough love.

A promis in the rainbow, the bird is sign of peace.

A promise in the rainbow, the bird is a sign of peace.

Please be kind to my lady friend paying her the respect she deserves. Love is a two-way deal, to receive love you must give love.   What you give you receive this is another ancient law, the law of karma.

She represents Krushna.

She represents Krishna.

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