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Furry nice blanket.

Furry nice blanket.

What do you want?

She was drawing a heart on her hand.

She was drawing a heart on her hand.

I would like to weave, warm, woolly, words, into a blanket to protect and comfort you on a cold dismal day. To do more than please you, like the fleeting pleasure of youthful love. Like those wonderful shooting stars of pleasure that burnt out in our atmosphere.

They look stable and contented.

They look stable and contented.

Happiness is more stable than pleasure. Happiness is where the bubbling mountain streams combined their strengths, flowing together forming the source of a mighty river. Sharing and appreciating all that passes. Happiness is living with love.

 Happy and couldn't care less what you think.

Happy and couldn’t care less what you think.

To know pleasures pass and although happiness can stay with us to the end, the end is inevitable.   This is not a morbid way to think, it is a fact and when realised, brings joy. Understanding our life is passing, we stop cling to the fleeting pleasures and share happiness and good fortune.

Sharing there joy with "Mustang Sally.

Sharing their joy with “Mustang Sally.

Loving and sharing is the key to the treasures of happiness and the joy locked in life’s treasure chest. Life’s treasures cannot be hoarded in a bank to appreciate. They must be shared to appreciate and be appreciated by everyone, to bring peace and contentment to the world.

I good way to spend the day and you don't need a lot of money.

I good way to spend the day and you don’t need a lot of money.

Wisdom is knowing as the poet said “Pleasures are like snowflakes on the river one moment white then lost forever”. Letting go and sharing brings happiness.

The closest to snow in Queensland.

The closest to snow in Queensland.

Desiring more is disastrous; wanting is the problem child that is conceived of lust. The offspring of wisdom is contentment.

This is not the Suwannee River.

This is not the Swannee River.

Wanting for nothing, ironically, is to have all we need. The struggle for more never brings lasting happiness. Luxuries and status symbols are not necessary. Understanding this promotes love, happiness and contentment. Appreciating what you have, is to be wrapped in a blanket of contentment, protected from the cold, outside world, warm in your inner world with peace of mind. You cannot control the outer world; you can control peace in your own mind.

Keep it wall in balance.

Keep it all in balance.

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