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Church in Darwin.

Make it happen.

When all superstition, miracles and myths are removed from religion the ethics left can be cultivated to purify and enlighten a person, freeing that person from three of life’s poisons of ignorance, greed and hate. The moral values contained in all major religions are basically the same. It is the words used to describe, explain and give a name to a power beyond our comprehension that we disagree on.

Buddhist nun Buddha’s Birthday South Bank Qld.

This earth is our home and we are one family. We all bleed the same colour and have the same needs. Nature can provide all our needs it is our greed that is creating the problem. Never let yourself be misguided by religion or exploited by politics and carried away by patriotic zeal. Man has divided up the world and in doing so has divided himself from his fellow man.

Celibrating Krisna.

Realize people are not interested in arguments and wars unless, roused and urged by the greedy or ignorant ones with vested interests in causing disputes and arguments to further their objectives. People would rather live in peace if they have their fair share of life’s necessities.

War deity.

There are no bad people they are either ignorant people or sick, the ignorant are unaware that wanting power or material things will never bring them lasting happiness or contentment. They are in need of teaching, we should not follow them, out of fear of loosing what we value. Other trouble makers are sick, mentally deranged, psychopaths they are a real problem, yet when people are unhappy or in need and hungry they will follow mad men that make them promises.

Chines deity

If we are aware that caring and sharing bring us rewards and greed and hording only bring sorrow, we will start to turn this world around. Do not expect jumping up and down, in angry protest will do any good, force breeds force. We must start by correcting our own faults. Changing the world this way will be a slow process. Still all the other methods have failed; improving yourself at the very least will bring you contentment.

Warrior, why are we warriors, we are warriors because we fight injustice.

How do we start improving our self? Smile for a start when someone criticizes you, because we need to know our faults before we can fix them. Sometimes the criticism may be unwarranted and nasty; that is a good thing, we can practice not getting angry. When you smile and remain calm, when being unjustly criticized the person being nasty gets angry.

Buddhist symbol. the eight spoked wheel.

You will also get a lot of constructive criticism, keep an open mind. Our ego needs to be kept under control. Smile if you can, even when you have a problem and only discuss your problems with those that can help, as to dwell on our troubles just keeps us unhappy.

Buddhas, Lady and cat.

The Eight Fold Path The Buddha gave us is an ethical path that if practiced is a good guide to living in harmony with our fellow man. It is a set of precepts that will not conflict with any existing beliefs you may hold. The Path is an easy set of principles to organize your personal ethical growth.

The injustices and problems in this world are not my problem, I am my problem. You would think after eighty years I would have it all under control, no I am still unstable under unfavorable conditions. When things are going all my way, I can handle that, I do not get unruly and boisterous, The Buddha prescribed moderation; I am moderately good, I do not expect to live long enough to reach perfection.

Cathedral Melbourne.


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