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Still Christmas is a wonderous time.

Long John Silverclaws

Long John Silverclaws.

Christians celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a time when his kindness is traditionally remembered.Saint Nicolas is the patron saint of children. Cleverly disguised as Father Christmas, on Christmas Eve Santa Claws brings presents to all children. We may not believe all the Christmas stories we have heard but we should respect those that do and all the kindness and the goodness Jesus taught. A birthday in his honor should up hold these Christian values.

Colourful and tempting.

Unfortunately many people only think about what they are getting for Christmas as if it was their birthday. Others worry how they can afford to give to everyone and are too stressed out to give a kind word or a friendly smile to the passerby. Others are too busy capitalizing on the commercial opportunity available at Christmas to give good will a second thought.

It is the thought that counts.

I have heard the wondrous story of the birth of Christ and many Christmas stories. I also read the classic story Treasure Island, By Robert Louis Stevenson. There is no Christmas spirit in this story, Long John Silver is an unstable, one-legged, uncharitable greedy pirate and gave young Jimmy Hawkins nothing but a hard time. Nothing in his makeup fits in with the Christmas spirit. Rum was the traditional spirit of pirates.

Businesslike Santas.

I made a pottery figure I call Long John Silverclaws he represents modern day commercialized Christmas. He is clothed like Santa Claus but is a greedy rascal using Christmas an excuse to plunder, drink, eat and indulge to excess. The parrot on his shoulder repeatedly calling out “Pieces of eight ” or “ Polly wants a cracker.” That bird will never be satisfied always wanting.

A live Santa will be here Saturday.

Christmas celebrates Jesus Christ’s birthday he stood for goodness, peace love and charity. We should stay mindful of this and not let advertising and rampant commercialism turn this sacred day into a stressful greedy business. Thoughtful kindness, peace and charity should be celebrated at Christmas and extended throughout the year on every ones birthday

Look up to things serene.

Who forgot it was your birthday?

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