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Stephanie in Snake Bean Community Garden.

Pauline, you may know her from her blog Pommepal, and I visited Darwin and accommodation, especially budget, is scarce We were fortunate that Stephanie and Regis let us park in their car port. Matilda our Toyota pop-top van just fitted under the shade cloth canopy. We are self-contained, except we needed to use their shower and toilet, no problem, they are very kind and hospitable people. Stephanie also made us vegetarian treats, mostly from her plot in the “Snake Bean Community Garden.

community garden

We learnt a lot from Stephanie and Regis. Regis works at the museum and gave us a guided tour, explaining many things we would have over looked. Stephanie is very knowledgeable especially in conservation and thrifty living. She has a blog site that is full of tips on economical living. The name of the blog is self-explanatory, frugaldownunder.

Stephanie and Regis practice what they advocate, some people talk about all that is wrong with things but have no answers. Go to Stephanie’s blog and get some answers. To know and not to do is still not to know, is an old Chinese saying. Another great saying is, to change the world start with yourself.

What I advocate first is moderation in all things especially watching the T.V. commercials and that is difficult because as soon as you switch on they are bombarding you. Then will power and common sense are needed. Do you need or do you just want it? There is a big difference, we need to eat to stay alive, but we do not necessarily need cake and chocolates, especially if we are already over weight. They are tempting you using all the psychological knowledge available. If you can live without it, it is a luxury and sometimes these extravagances cost more than they are worth.

Some people work long hours at a job they do not like, giving up leisure time for things that only take up valuable space in their home. It would be better to work at something you like doing for less pay. Stop and take stock of what you value in your life. A bicycle can be more convenient than a car when you consider traffic jams, parking and the cost. It is a good way to exercise to keep fit and no gym fees.

I am not advocating you give up all the things you enjoy. If you enjoy watching T.V. just be selective and aware of those tempting commercials. You may have a real need for a car and unable to bike then a car may be necessary. You need to evaluate for yourself what is a need and what is more a burden than an asset.

Igor biking around Australia we met Camooweal.

Pauline and I enjoy experiencing things first hand rather than on T.V. We like meeting interesting people and we found our Darwin hosts ideal in all respects. We thought Darwin interesting as you can see from the photos in Pauline’s blog if you want to visit it.

Mindil Beach sunset Darwin.


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Soraksan Gwongeumseonng Mountain Korea.

The Cock That Rises With the Sun.

I heard a rooster crow this morning. It let me know that day was dawning. My mind was busy right away, planning how to spend my day.

Time is precious, life is fleeting, Could be the message in his greeting. Fine and sunny or rain and cloud, another day I have been allowed.

The bird may be wiser than we realize. He sees through us with birds strong eyes. His head cut off with a cruel blow, to feed mans greed, he must go.

That is no way to treat our feathered friend. That wakes us up to the magic light of day. To marvel and admire nature’s superior display, man can never replicate an achievement anyway as great.

Still we waste our time in stupid things like hate and vanity, instead of caring and sharing with humanity. We hoard the things we do not need. What is our reward for this greed? It incites envy from the needy, that’s our reward for being greedy.

How would we respond in third world conditions, without sophisticated, state of the art ammunitions? Would we fight in an underhand way, or would we trust in god and pray?

Clinging to impermanent things, think of all the trouble it brings. Wasting time on petty things, like a candle in a draft, our Chi cut off, our life is past.

What will I do today, continue in the usual way. With Yin and Yang leading a balanced life, on the Eight Fold path free from trouble and strife. I’ll give a miss to the Kentucky Fry menu. So my feathered friend’s life might continue.

If it is not too far I will not take the motorcar. I will keep fit doing what I like, getting exercise on my push-bike. I will try not to let advertising fuel my greed, only buying what I really need. The wheels of progress need to go round; still we need to turn the climate change around. The war with natures plan could be the end of mortal man. Nature is infinite her laws of balance will endure, obey them or impartially she will send you down her sewer.

That is not a good way to end, but it does happen, don’t be a dodo.

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Plants saving the seashore.

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