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 Steps to restore the environment.

Rest is found in the greens of nature.

This post was prompted because so many people are deeply concerned about the impact our materialistic system is having on the environment and our quality of life.

Worry is futile.

Worries and fears will not help and violent action will aggravate the problem. Putting our hands together praying may still our fear but the problem will remain. Although a practical spiritual approach is needed.

Friends with Buddha.

Understanding the Taoist ideas of wu-wei, (the action of non action) and to be in balance with nature, would be of some help. The Buddha’s understanding of the nature of reality found in the Four Noble Truths and practicing the steps he prescribed in The Eight Fold Path could be the answer. If we were to follow this philosophy the problems of the modern world could be turned around. With this understanding and practice I believe there would be a vast improvement in your happiness and the world in general.

Fathers choice a Christian child.

There is no need to change your religious beliefs, understanding the Four Noble Truths and by following the Eight Fold Path would enhance your existing beliefs not change them.

Sacred places are tranqual havens.

Mother natures problem child.

The problem child does not want to go to bed, stays up late watching television. What the child watches is mostly violence or negative nonsense interrupted by the advertising of useless extravagant things we cannot afford. The violence instills fear because of fear the child is driven to school. Two cars are then needed in the family. Father has no time to wait for busses to get to work. Busses are so infrequent, no-one uses them except old people and they get a concession on their fare, no wonder public transport is failing to give good service. The children need to be taken to sport, and other activities by car, they cannot ride their bikes because the roads are crowded with dangerous drivers, hurrying to keep up with the modern pace of the human race.

A nice toy for the boy.

The cost of all the labour-saving devices, we are enticed to buy by the advertising industry has made it necessary to go to a gym to exercise. We could get our exercise in many other ways but there is not time for messing around at the beach surfing or wandering in the mountains. We have to keep earning those dollars to pay for all our time-saving and fashionable, ego building, items advertising lured us into buying.

Natural and free is the way to be.

The garden is paved there is no time to play in a garden. A chlorinated swimming pool replaces the lawn, with a few sculptured garden gnomes and sometimes a concrete Buddha meditating. The birds, bees and interesting creatures have no reason to visit, this sterile unnatural place. Mother Nature’s delinquent children have no time to enjoy her free gifts. They are too busy greedily acquiring more things to hoard and clutter up their life.

Economical and practical.

This is not my problem I am not wasting my time worrying about the environment. Nature is infinite it cannot be destroyed; man will ultimately destroy himself with his ignorance. In nature nothing is lost it only changes, as matter in a compost heap breaks down to become nutrients for new life.

We need to take care, of natures beauty.

A truce is needed in all mans wars and a united effort is needed to restore our alliance with nature.

Altogether beautiful.

I am only concerned in fixing my own faults and how much I am abusing nature’s free gifts. I have little influence on the world; I only have influence on myself. Advertising is selling it but I am resisting the temptation to buy and throw out something just because it is faded or out of fashion. Do not buy unless you have a genuine need. Nature is a lasting free gift, other costly things are impermanent and time is an irreplaceable resource, once spent it can never be regained, you cannot relive yesterday. Our life is made of un-renewable time.

beautifying the world.

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