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Quiet and restful.

Quiet and restful.

Ross and Campbell Town in south-east Tasmania are well worth a visit as they are steeped in history with many of the old buildings remaining.

In need of TLC.

In need of TLC.

I will leave Pauline tell you all about that in her blog, when she gets around to it. Hit this link my <Pommiepal. Word press.com>.

I took some photos of the old graves while there. They provoked me to thinking about all the trouble people go to on behalf of loved ones. Then time relentlessly does natures work and obliterates the memory leaving only a beautiful reminder of mans mortality. I looked at the moss and lichen on the leaning tombstones of the unkempt graves.

A stark reminder.

A stark reminder.

  I thought what would I leave behind although I hope this is premature, I am past my use-by date and a strong breeze could blow my candle out effortlessly. So I will post this now rather than later.

Is this the only way to world peace.

Is this the only way to world peace.

Checking out.

Without superstition what’s my position.

Where will I go when I’m gone?

When only my memory lives on.

What was it worth my time here on earth?

A generation or two may be the best I can do.

The giants of the past their memories all last.

There is one consolation in not being a sensation.

I did it my way as Frank Sinatra would say.

While I am still here I will make it clear.

For what it is worth my time here on earth.

Was mostly all fun and I thank everyone.

It will be sad to leave if it make you grieve.

Crocodiles love people.

Crocodiles love people.

To swim where the crocodiles play could have avoided today.

I could have gone out in style and made a crocodile smile.

And leave in a recyclable way to deprive the undertaker of pay.

That’s my last joke before I go up in smoke.

To float up to a sky I believe is devoid of any pie.

I have had my time in paradise and it has been very nice.

Now I am ready to take a rest after giving it my best.

Not believing in a god it is back to the land of nod.

Answering the call and returning to the all.

That is nature’s way at the ending the day   

 I will never deceive you I will just love you and leave you.

Crocodile tracks back from the ocean.

Crocodile tracks back from the ocean.

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