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True Aussie King of Mareeba.

True Aussie King of Mareeba.

Think, Question and Act.

A fan or a follower of Buddha.

A fan or a follower of Buddha.

I was born into a Christian family, had my parents been Muslims I would have read the Koran instead of the Bible. The omnipotent, supreme creator endowed me with a questioning mind. Therefore I questioned the patriarchal religions handed down from Abraham. I had no faith in miracles I wanted more factual evidence. Why would an all-knowing God put a tree of knowledge at Adam and Eves disposal, tell them not to eat the fruit, knowing they would? God does work in mysterious ways and it is probably good that he does or I would be, naked as Lady Godiva, living off nature’s garden, just like the indigenous people, before the white missionaries arrived.

Indigenous didgeridoo artist.

Indigenous didgeridoo artist.

Lao Tzu, is credited with the “Tao Te Chan,” a book the Taoist follow. Translated versions of Lao Tzu’s words have obscured some of the sage’s message. He writes about the Tao the inexplicable power that keeps the universe in equilibrium, He said “The Tao that can be described is not the real Tao.” Could this inexplicable power, be the unanswerable answer to mans search for God? “Wu–wie!” Is that the “Way”? Another Taoist idea is Yin Yang explaining the relationship and balance of all things.

Krishna devote.

Krishna devote.

The Hindus have one God but to accommodate everyone he can appear as any deity one desires. Consequently there is an incredible number of Hindu gods and Hinduism has a lot of other complex things that are hard to fathom but there is a wealth of wisdom and goodness to be found in Bhagavad Gita.

Miniature Buddha image.

Miniature Buddha image.

Buddha was a wise man his ethical ‘Eight Fold Path’ is worth following. He was only interested in finding a way out of life’s pain and suffering. After he died his teaching became a religion, to qualify as a religion a God is needed. It was then that Siddhartha was promoted by some of his followers. Buddhism spread and picked up other local myths and beliefs making finding useful wisdom difficult.

A dragon added for luck.

A dragon added for luck.

Major dogmas agree on the basic principles promoting good and not killing their fellow-man, some beliefs extend that to all sentient beings. To focus on what we agree on and not arguing would allow us to progress in harmony. Replacing fear with understanding, hate with kindness. Then the ordinary citizen would not be manipulated by the greedy that profit from war, they make the armaments that destroy and then prosper from rebuilding.

Making war look heroic.

Making war look heroic.


I will not accept any religion that condones war and intolerance. The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama or the ‘Sage of the Shakyas”, was a pacifist. He never entered into the creation debate. The Buddha was like a doctor, interested in finding a cure for pain and suffering. He first found the cause of the suffering. Then he prescribes a cure. The causes he outlined in “The Four Noble Truths”. He prescribed a cure “The Eight Fold Path”, a logical self disciplined guide to reach the ultimate goal of enlightenment. If practiced diligently peace and contentment is attained. In Buddhist term Novena, described in English as perfect peace and understanding or total enlightenment.

Colourful Hindu stained glass.

Colourful Hindu stained glass.

Buddhism was borne out of Hinduism. The Buddha and his teaching are shrouded in myth, time has distorted and added to his words of wisdom. Buddha’s philosophy has become a religion. Buddhism spread to China and other lands. China added ideas of *Confucius, the Tao and ancestral worship. Buddhism has become much like other religions, a group of revered leaders arguing about technicalities irrelevant to ethics. They are more concerned with their authority and power than peace and contentment.

Colourful Christain stained glass.

Colourful Christian stained glass.

Sincerity and practice are more important than the dogma. The helpful, benevolent action the belief inspires is what matters most. We all need a guide to follow to find peace. Do not let your guiding belief be distorted by fear, greed or hate.

When yin and yang are in balance it is perfect.

When yin and yang are in balance it is perfect.


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Australian gum tree as seen in the bush.


I received a comment that inspired me to write this post. Comments are very valuable, without encouraging comment a beginner is apt to give up. I had doubts that I was qualified to write a blog. I have had little formal education, my wonderful childhood not shut up in a school room, it was spent wandering in the bush. With my only friend Pinto a bits’a dog (bits of this breed and bits of that breed). He was a valuable friend warning me of snakes. Snakes, after hibernation, look for a sunny place to warm up their cold blooded body. They often find a dusty, well trodden animal track is just the place, and this is just the place for a bare-foot carefree child to run. Snakes, or any animal, normally, are not aggressive, they will not hurt you unless you frighten or disturb them. Most people that have been bitten by snakes were trying to kill them; fear and hate are a big problem in our world.

Australian gum trees have many different bark patterns.

I learned a lot bare-foot in the bush, Mother Nature is a good teacher and totally impartial, making no favorites, you either obey her or you pay the consequences. Not to listen to her, disregarding her, and trying to change the rules to suit yourself, will inevitably incur punishment. What I have learned from my observations will that enable me to write an interesting, entertaining and blog helpful to others? I have my doubts, therefore I am thankful I am receiving enough likes and comments to encourage me, an extrovert does not need a lot.

Broken off trunk of the (Xanthorrhoea) Grass Tree.

In my youth I was ignorant I took on my first job knowing nothing, except what I had learned from helping my mother on a small poultry farm. I still love to hear the sound a hen makes when she is contented, a clucking no, chirping no I have not the words to describe this soothing and trusting sound of contentment. You will have to listen yourself. Be mindful in the presence of birds, they are easily startled you have to be quiet and not disturb them and they will reward you with the sounds they make, song or whistle is an inadequate descriptions. Words are only descriptions the word food does not feed the hungry.

Fowls visiting at Bivouac camp ground.

Nature’s garden is a magic place for you to spend time. Mans garden is too manicured and sterile and has few insects, consequently birds do not visit. Wu wei! Why does man make all this work, ironically he believes it will save him work. Without the knowlidge that a garden needs the balance provided by all creatures. Like yin and yang, Lao tzu knew this that is why Taoists go with the flow of nature. Without this knowledge we are ignorant of what our garden needs.

A different view point.

People with big egos do not like to be told they are ignorant. Wise men know a lack of knowledge is a great handicap and appreciate knowing where they are lacking. I think I would like to know if I am lacking in any way but am not sure that I am wise enough. Will I act like a wild bull or accept it like a wise man? I think we can take the metaphorical bull by the horns in our blogs and comments and find out.

Natures abstract bark painting, I called this one Jesus.

I am carried away my mind is not focused on the subject; I will take a deep breath. After eighty years of practical experience in the school of hard knocks I only need a little encouraging comment to spur me on. My V.I.P.C.F. has given me encouraging comments when I needed them. He also introduced me to a host of writers, people noted for their wise insight. My friend took on a mammoth task of doing a post every day for one year, with a photo and an extract from a noted writer; these words were from a wide range of beliefs and philosophies. As well as that my V.I.P.C.F. used his valuable time to answer all comments.

Trees can be seen like people with a bad hair day.

Acronyms and text short cuts and technical jargon need explaining.  V.I.P.C.F. you know V.I.P. stands for very important person. All friends are very important so we will let that stand. As for the P all preconceived understanding must be put aside and see the p in the full context P.C. we clearly see now the relevance of the p, the F please put right out of your mind any associations you may be considering, When I write F it means exactly what I want it to mean nothing more nothing less, F stands for friend. When I write something please consider it without any preconceived ideas you may have. You may see things from a new perspective. Now you know I have a very important personal computer friend. If you would like to know why he is important to me go to his blog, hit this “Shantideva Life is a dream.” hyper link.


I asked this Black Headed harmless Python about the apple story, he would not comment.


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Go with the flow.

You sit here quietly enjoying yourself, forget your active self. Such is not a denial of real self.

There is no real self to deny, as a self that persists always in one pattern, one mood, one degree of intelligence, one turn of affection.

The living you is always changing. Live now except yourself as you are now. There is no one to always blame no one to be always praised.

Each moment you are lifted by a different wave, blown by a wind from a different coast line. Each moment you are responding differently, as chemical combinations change and result in different reactions to changing external stimuli.

If winds seem too strong, know they will subside. If waves seem too high remember the calm below the waves.

The tree on the shore accepts both storm and calm. You must accept, perforce, go with what happens and be part of it.

With no ego to set its self apart, you will find accommodating much more pleasant, than trying to insist the universe accommodates it’s self to a certain ego that feels it’s self too be the eternal, unchanging centre of the whole show.

 This little Boat will survive the storm, as it suits its motions to the wave’s heaves and the winds most furious blasts.

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Temple gate gards.

The Waking Dreamer.

The title could have been “The Waking Dreamer.” or “The Awake Dreamer.” because when I dreamed up the picture for this post I was wide awake. I was tired and relaxing uninterested in any activity so I was not focused and concentrating on anything. This is when the mind takes off on its own and if you are tired why not let it take over? If it starts to take you some where you would rather not go, do as you would in meditation take another deep breath and start concentrating on your breath.

Guarding four directions.

What is that noise? Then the thought popped into my mind and I let it run. People just do not understand shouting will do no good; you have to reason with people. The thoughts came racing, some will not listen, they think they are right, no it is their ego that is stopping them, maybe it is they have been told not to listen, that is not reason, that is unreasonable, we will never learn anything if we do not listen.

Beautiful Jesus staned glass,

Some religious people are like that, they are extremists, bigots, fanatics. My mind is racing now. These people are fundamentalists that give a religion a bad name. Why do they disagree, argue, fight, go against all moral decency and kill?

The om syllable a Hyndu symbol for Brahman.

Stop, it is time to cool down, relax take a deep breath, do not get all excited. This is the danger of letting the monkey mind takeover. One needs to be mindful of those uncontrolled thoughts. I then thought music could sooth the situation. The song ‘Imagine” came to mind, then the boy cow herder playing his flute and Shiva doing her dance, Buddha, Lao Tzu,  Confucius and Jesus could sing along I think most religions like singing.

Chinese temple Darwin.

All the heavenly angels and the like could gather in the heavens to listen. Some gods might find this a bit below them. But we could have a copy of the Creation of Adam that Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as a back drop. What a superb fantasy, everyone invited to the greatest concert of all time. Hold on! Let’s not get too carried away, focusback to the breathing meditation.

Muslim art represinting Allah.

It is one thing to dream up a picture like this. How do I achieve my dream picture? I will do it with the help of the Photoshop program, I have no picture of the Creation of Adam so will use Google and the snippet tool. Even if my photos are not the best I always use them. The montage is going to be difficult to bring them all together in reality, harder still to bring them all together. Well it is not a bad way to pass the time and it is exercising the 80 year old brain, just like the body needs a work out, so does the brain. I have found the saying “use it or lose it“to be true.

Picture in Chinese Temple.

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