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Natures beautiful gifts.

Natures beautiful gifts.

Those of little faith.

Natures abstract art.

Natures abstract art.

For those with faith and true sincerity,

That do good and noble deeds for charity.

Whose kindness, caring and compassion

are distributed in a generous fashion.

My words are not meant to offend.

I would rather have you as a friend.

As you are honest and do not tell lies.

I must also be honest not to be despised.

The shapes of nature.

The shapes of nature.

 You may think my words untrue;

I leave the judgement up to you.

I don’t believe in a God made to look like me.

That bribes us with promises of eternity.

So I am barred from heaven for this alone.

By an Almighty God that makes it known.

He is jealous and revengeful as well,

sending non-believers off to hell.

Man tries his hand,

Man tries his hand,

Threatening our kids will suffer too,

for the misdeeds that we do.

I don’t want to go to a boring heaven.

Where there’s peace and quiet 24/7

Those that do believe I implore,

don’t wreck my world with your holy war.

This is the only heaven I know,

there is no other place for me to go.

Wonders abound.

Wonders abound.

Don’t argue about things beyond your understanding.

To be good you don’t need commanding.

Enjoy a simple life, free from arguments and strife.

Appreciate the gifts in the here and now.

That is the only present anyhow.

Trees show wounds..

Trees show wounds..

To look after the gifts take conscious care.

No greed or hate, we must love and share.

I do not care what God you chose.

I am not walking in your shoes.

If I were standing were you stand.

I would more likely understand.

No one is evil in my learning book.

It is only the wrong path they took,

The shadow of the leaves.

The shadow of the leaves.

Jews, Christians, Muslims as well.

Their family feud makes life a hell.

They make up stories to understand,

What is beyond the intellect of man.

Sculptured by Mother Nature.

Sculptured by Mother Nature.

 Hebrew then Greeks and revised many times. Who knows The Bibles original lines.

The Koran is written in Arabic.

Translating it for me is quite a trick.

Why argue and fight who is wrong and who is right.

The supreme God made one command, everyone should understand.

This is Gods will, thou shall not kill.

Trees bleed too.

Trees bleed too.


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