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Tan Mr Cool.

Tan the man, Mr Cool.

The Ice Dragon.

Early stages.

Early stages.

 A slim Asian man looking after a photography exhibition at Robina library complex asked me which photograph I thought was the best. I chose a clear crisp picture of a white cockatoo in flight. He said “Thank you my name is Tan.” I introduced myself and we discussed photography. I then realized Tan had taken that photo. He shared his lunch of berries and vegetarian treats, a delightful change to my usual lunch.

Chain saw rips into the ice.

Chain saw rips into the ice.

That is how we became friends. Tan was very generous giving not only material things he shared his wisdom with me.

Taking shape hours of artistic action.

Taking shape hours of artistic action.

I think Tan had suffered a lot of racial prejudice, probably because of his talent and good ethics. Also Tan would not bend to please bigots or fools.
Visiting the Buddha’s Birthday celebrations at Southbank, Brisbane, I was surprised to find Tan carving a large dragon out of ice using power tools. Just another one of Tan’s many talents.



The picture of me and the Ice Dragon hangs in my room reminding me of many things. I learned from Tan and the Ice Dragon.
Our paths meet up only occasionally. Men rarely keep in contact but no matter how long it is when they meet again it is like yesterday.

The tail.

Detail now the tail.

Voyaging on the vast ocean of life ships may sail together in a fleet for a time then drift apart.  Reciprocity and commitment is needed for people to stay together for any length of time. If we are fortunate sailing in the same direction we find good company.
If the company is really good  we change course. So if you are fortunate enough to find a really compatible companion appreciate and change your way to suit. The scenic route may be longer but more enjoyable.

Tan was fully in the now.

Tan was fully in the now.

 The photo of the Ice Sculpture Dragon reminds me.

Out of the ice the dragon appears.

Out of the ice the dragon appears

Born in fire and made of clay.

I thought myself very clever.

To make a dragon that would last forever.

Your ice dragon will not last

But you are wise as well as clever,

Giving is how you get your pleasure.

Better and bibber than the pottery I did.

Better and bigger than the pottery dragon I did.

 We are aware an ice sculpture will melt and appreciate its beauty without clinging.

Tan smiles at his achievement.

Tan smiles at his achievement.

 It is not so obvious that all things change regardless of what they are made of.

The ice dragon made me more aware as it melted, that the joy of doing anything is to be absorbed in the delight of doing.

I no longer cling to my pottery dragon it has shattered. Not a smooth expected transition like the beautiful ice dragon as it melting.

I asked for a pose.

I asked for a pose.

We cling to a fragile memory that time will inevitably consume.

Reluctantly we must let our past slip into the abyss of time. Time is the ultimate winner.

 The ice dragon teaches pleasure is doing,

 joy is giving and that sorrow of cling.

This is my reminder of impermanence motivates me.

This is my reminder of impermanence that motivates me.


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