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Chanting meditation.

Accept the Gift of Life.

There is nothing beautiful or grotesque in nature. The beauty or obscenity is in mans mind. As the pendulum swings there is a point where it pauses to return. When we breathe in there is an instant before we exhale this is where the life force resides. Grasping for the future or clinging to the past, we can miss this moment and this is all we have.

Into everyone’s hands nature impartially provides her gifts. Do we hurriedly grasp or do we savoir and enjoy? How a gift is received is our choice, how a complement or a criticism is received is also our choice. Everything is governed by our attitude. Our thoughts control our actions our actions in time become habits forming our character and our outlook on life. Try to see the good and beautiful in all you encounter.

Take the criticism objectively, if it helps us see our faults we can correct them, or if it is meant to hurt us we can smile knowing we have matured in our understanding. We have control over one thing in life our attitude we must not let the outside control inside. Peace is not to be in a place where there is no noise or distraction; it is to be in the midst of all this turbulence and still remain calm. Like a stormy sea, deep below the violent foaming waves there lays a calm and undisturbed peace.

Stilling the mind is the whole purpose of meditation, when the mind is still the whole universe surrenders. Take a deep breath focusing on the breath is one of the best ways to meditate. When the mind becomes distracted do not be put off, return to focusing on the breath.  In our everyday lives we let our mind jump from thought to thought this is an ingrained habit and is not easily overcome. With patient and constant meditation practice you will reach a stage where a few deep breaths will bring you back to a calm state.

There are many forms of breathing meditation. Hindus, Taoists and Buddhists all use the breath as a method. The beginner will find being aware of the breath as it enters and leaves the body natural and relaxing. Counting either each inhalation or exhalation up to the count of six breaths, is a good way to begin. Other techniques can be tried like focusing on an object or mantras, repeating sounds, words or phrases. The Sanskrit word Om is used by the Hindus as a mantra and is worth a try. Breathe in gently, and as you exhale, say Om as three sounds: a as in father, oo as in room and ‘mmm’ Try to feel the sounds vibrate in your body.

To become totally absorbed in any mundane activity is a form of meditation. When cleaning metal one can focus on the shine, note the beautiful way the light reflects, people smoke cannabis to tune in on this kind of thing, there is no need for this, or any other drug to find peace, pleasure and wonder in the world around us. A book by Thich Nhat Hanh called The Long Road Turns to Joy. Is about walking meditation, I like this man’s charming, uplifting writing.

Take a deep breath, set aside your stress and discomfort and focus only on good. You can find some quality of beauty and goodness or some redeeming feature in all situations by taking the time to look for the good. You can shift your awareness in this way and change your attitude by looking for the good in all you observe and every activity you do.

When you go rushing breathlessly from one thought to the next, anticipating another problem or hungering for another pleasure, you miss the joy of the present which is constantly unfolding before you. Meditation teaches you to slow down and awaken to the present moment.

The coming and going of our breath is vital to our existence to spend some time contemplating this fact has many rewards helping us to realize that the past is history, a memory and the future a fantasy on the movie screen of our mind and actually a mystery yet to unfold. Relish what you are doing, savor the flavor when you eat, chew every morsel feel the texture smell the aroma enjoy the look.

A person in a hurry, agitated or angry does not taste or enjoy the food it is just devoured and not appreciated. Some people say words of thanks in appreciation for the food they receive. This is a good practice to be thankful but words are not as convincing as actions. So calm down your mind and your body will follow, enjoy the simple pleasures life and nature offers. With this wisdom the balance of the entire universe will fall into place. All things will be just as they are neither good nor bad.

Beautfully relaxed.


Smiling gum tree.


Banksia and gum nuts.


The Banksia Flower.


I love a sun burnt country

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Soraksan Gwongeumseonng Mountain Korea.

The Cock That Rises With the Sun.

I heard a rooster crow this morning. It let me know that day was dawning. My mind was busy right away, planning how to spend my day.

Time is precious, life is fleeting, Could be the message in his greeting. Fine and sunny or rain and cloud, another day I have been allowed.

The bird may be wiser than we realize. He sees through us with birds strong eyes. His head cut off with a cruel blow, to feed mans greed, he must go.

That is no way to treat our feathered friend. That wakes us up to the magic light of day. To marvel and admire nature’s superior display, man can never replicate an achievement anyway as great.

Still we waste our time in stupid things like hate and vanity, instead of caring and sharing with humanity. We hoard the things we do not need. What is our reward for this greed? It incites envy from the needy, that’s our reward for being greedy.

How would we respond in third world conditions, without sophisticated, state of the art ammunitions? Would we fight in an underhand way, or would we trust in god and pray?

Clinging to impermanent things, think of all the trouble it brings. Wasting time on petty things, like a candle in a draft, our Chi cut off, our life is past.

What will I do today, continue in the usual way. With Yin and Yang leading a balanced life, on the Eight Fold path free from trouble and strife. I’ll give a miss to the Kentucky Fry menu. So my feathered friend’s life might continue.

If it is not too far I will not take the motorcar. I will keep fit doing what I like, getting exercise on my push-bike. I will try not to let advertising fuel my greed, only buying what I really need. The wheels of progress need to go round; still we need to turn the climate change around. The war with natures plan could be the end of mortal man. Nature is infinite her laws of balance will endure, obey them or impartially she will send you down her sewer.

That is not a good way to end, but it does happen, don’t be a dodo.

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“Enter the Eight Fold Path and put an end to sorrow.” The Buddha said.

The path is not easy to follow it takes understanding, perseverance and self discipline. Each person must work out his or her own salvation,       without divine aid.

The Buddha said: “By oneself alone is evil done, by oneself is one defiled.By oneseff is evil avoided,by oneself  is one purified, impurity depends on oneself, no one can purify another.”

Right understanding is the first step on the Eight Fold Path. To understand The Four Noble Truths is right understanding. The first truth is life is dukkha, dukkha has no equivalent meaning in English, to describe it as pain and suffering is misleading.  Life is unsatisfactory because every thing in life is subject to change, because of this fact nothing gives us permanent satisfaction. Not realising this we want and cling to impermanent things, this is the cause of much of our pain and sorrow.  

 The second noble truth:  the cause of suffering is ignorance, greedily wanting and clinging to pleasurable things, and fearing and avoiding the opposite, causing suffering.

The third noble truth:  there is a remedy to these problems.

The fourth noble truth: to follow the Eight fold Path. Some times called the Middle way because it is a way of moderation and balance. the Buddha knew from experience that a life of indulgence did not bring contentment and a life of abstinence and suffering did not bring salvation. after questioning and searching and meditating, stilling his mind, applying deep thought, The Buddha came to true understanding or enlightenment, the basic truth and the ethical path that leads to the end of sorrow.

There is nothing supernatural about this. Over the years folk laws have been built up around the Buddha and his teaching by his followers. The Buddha said ” do not follow my teaching without question. Follow follow truth and goodness where ever it be found”.  

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