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BREATHE of life meditation.

A new dayBurleigh beach.

A new day Burleigh beach.

Meditate sitting comfortable and relaxed with a straight back, concentrate on your breath. Breathe in gentle and deep through the nose, exhale like a soft sigh through the mouth. Repeat this breathing till you have calmed the mind of disturbing thoughts. When you are settled and relaxed continue to the next stage, concentrating on the sound and feel of your breathing. Focus on the sound of your in breath and the gentle, soft, relaxing exhale. Concentrate and feel the breath of life flow through your body. Feeling your lungs naturally expand, the movement resembles the gentle ebb and flow below the oceans waves. Centre and relax into the rise and fall, feel the calm and tranquil breath come and go, taking with it all the tension as you settle into your calm and inner being where you can hear the pulse of your heart. Continue centered in deep calm, gently breathing, slowing down into the depth of the calm within. Be aware of the gentle ebb and flow of your breath whispering of the quiet peace within you. The outside world no longer intrudes on your peaceful tranquility.

Shallow to the deep calm.

Shallow to the deep calm.

Relaxed, aware of all the sensations, the air caressing your body, its fragrance permeating your being and the busy world is like a distant outside lulling vibration. Silent and calm you are at peace with the world. Enjoy this pleasure till it is time to gently return to the activity of your busy world refreshed you can rise to the challenges of life. Carry this peace with you throughout the day to share with the world. Take this quiet peace with you on your joyous journey. Spreading a calm example to all you encounter in the outside world.

Busy Seoul Metro.

Busy Seoul Metro.

In the midst of a challenging world when tension tends to take command. Remember the calming effect of a few deep breaths to relieve the tension. Be aware, feel the beneficial breath bringing in the oxygen and as you breathe out feel the tension withdraw from the battlefield, leaving the silent calm in triumph. Life’s challenges overcome without force. Meditation teaches us to become aware of uncontrolled thoughts that fill our mind and can lead our actions astray. Mindful of unsavory thoughts we can consciously correct them. Aware of tension, impatience or annoyance we can use our breathing technique to gain control before these feeling escalate into anger.

Morning Meditation North burleigh Headland.

Morning Meditation North Burleigh Headland.

An angry person cannot appreciate any of life’s joy. Angry thoughts of hate and all ill will affect the bearer nervous system adversely while the one the ill will is directed at may remain oblivious. Regularly practicing meditation on the breath becomes a habit and in time it becomes an intuitive part of our life.  When aware of our thoughts we can control our actions. We become a better person to ourselves and others. Calm and controlled we spread joy and kindness. Like one small step is the start of a life long journey a conscious breath of fresh air can bring a world of peace.

Example of perfect poise and pose.

Example of perfect poise and pose.

There are many ways to meditate this is a good one to start with. The breath is not the only object you could use to focus on. People choose many things, but the breath is vital to life and always with you. What you use to concentrate on is your personal choice. Also when you have reached a point of calm you may want to continue. You can change your concentration to an internal idea like focusing on loving kindness or right understanding or any of the steps on The Buddha’s Eight Fold Path. Once you have calmed the mind your concentration on any subject is deeper and you have more insight. You can actually meditate on a job when you give a mundane task like washing dishes your full attention it can become a pride and joy. With meditation you will take pleasure in the now it helps in every aspect of your life.

Eight spokes eight steps.

Eight spokes eight steps.

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The shadow taking it easy.


Shadow on the wall.

Slow down to the movement of the shadow on the wall. This is how time was first measured and it is more in tune with the natural rhythm of our body. That prompts us to take a deep breath and exhale like a sigh that takes with it the tension in our body. To breathe in the life force to nourish our body and breathe out all the impurities built up in our blood. To become aware of our breath is to return to our inner being.

Sola time piece or smiling sun dile.

Who lives in tune with nature in the modern lifestyle today? Things are now measured in milliseconds. Our stressful way of doing things makes us huff and puff. It is no wonder we are more dissatisfied and no happier than in the past although we have more luxuries than a Roman Emperor. We have lost sight of the really important things in life. The close knit family life has broken down, other people care for our children. We are alone in a crowded city; communities live in isolation not knowing their neighbors.

Time and commercial progress.

Although you would die deprived of air you are conscious of your breath only when lacking in air. To be conscious of your breath is to return to a relaxed state of being and our racing thoughts slow down. We need to think, but most of our thoughts are unnecessary and can have a negative effect, making us worried and unhappy. We need control over our thoughts to be able to concentrate on what is important to us in life. This can be achieved by practicing meditation.

Taking a breather.

There are so many different ways to practice meditation and things to chose from and focus on to meditation. All the advice and rules about the correct way to meditate, what object to focus on and the when, where and how, confuses and deters the average person from practicing. If this is your problem there is an easier approach to meditate, it is the just do it method.

It is tough at the top.

You only have to become aware of that life giving force your breath. Not necessarily in a special place under ideal conditions, try it in a traffic jam, or anywhere you would become impatient or stressed by having to wait. All you have to do is take a deep breath in and a long exhale and concentrate on the relaxing feeling. Feel the air pump you up as you inhale and the tension flow out with the out breath.   Repeat this in, out aware breathing.

Haven in the city.

Of course this is only a basic way of using meditation to relieve stress and anxiety. To control those racing thoughts you will need to set-aside some time each day to practice this method. This will make you aware of how easily your irrelevant thoughts distract your concentration. With practice your thoughts will quieten down and you will find the habit, taking an aware deep breath, brings you back to a calm, natural, relaxed state of being.

smiling are infectious.

You will smile once more and look upon adversity as just one of life’s challenges. Your problems will become opportunities to practice patience, tolerance and serenity. It will be a case of less haste more efficiency, less futile effort more productive and more rewarding achievement.

Parked up in Seoul.

What are we hurrying for, are we not aware of our ultimate end? It is the joy and beauty on the path, not the destination. Let our travels on this one way journey not be rushed. Be patient take the time to do only good and your reward will be happy smiles everywhere you go.

Time marches on.


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