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Dragons are a symbol of luck.

Existance Hypotheses.

Who am I is the question? The Buddha claimed there was no I. How can that be explained, I am here for all to see? No you only see my body you only hear my voice and feel my presence. So there is a physical person that exists. The physical body is made up of absorbed matter and all matter is subject to change. Our body is made up of atoms of matter and is always changing. The body is in flux impermanent not existing alone but part of a whole never ending cosmic soup.

There is also a mysterious mental, abstract person that no one sees. The explanation for this is, before this body existed there was no I. The moment the sense organs of touch, smell, hearing and sight became aware of the surrounding environment sensations were relayed, via the electro chemical nervous system to the brain. That started to form a personal mental idea of the world. The external experiences I encountered formed my individual memory and unique mental outlook. This is what I refer to as me and you refer to as him or her. This is only a convenient handle used to work with, an abstract reference used to distinguish one person from another. This leads us to a false conclusion that we have an unchanging soul or spirit and an arrogant ego that is hurt by criticism, craves complements and always wants to be superior.

There is a basic animal instinct to mate. The seed is sown genes passed down from forbearers and life starts anew. The embryo is nourished by nutrients, the fetus grows to maturity, then is born into the world with a living body of matter and genes, like a map to direct growth. The individual personality is then formed by sensory input. Experiences are either pleasant or distasteful forming our likes and dislikes. This is how an individual’s personality is formed. We are still nothing more than part of this entire ever changing cosmos.

Take away one vital part of the body and the electro chemical impulses to the brain stop and the I is at rest. The body breaks down to become part of the whole world. Like a computer with the power turned off or a candle blown out. The I that never really existed is no more. The record of our good or bad deeds is all that remains. All else is returned to the entire cosmic existence. Like a circle with no beginning or end, matter remains in a never ending circle of change. As for a creator of the whole infinite cosmos, that is unanswerable. Because a circle has no beginning or end and a creator would have to have a creator etcetera.

Lao Tzu is credited with saying “The Tao (or Dow) that can be explained is not the real Tao.” If we do not know we try to explain with a hypotheses based on existing knowledge. Knowledge has advanced so our ideas should have advanced past fables and myths.

Why are we here? We are here to learn. Our purpose can only be to promote good that benefit all. To live in peace and harmony and make the world a better place for all to share.  As we are all a microscopic part of this cosmic soup, what nobler or wiser reason can there be than to leave behind a good example for future generations to build on.

Happy Chinese Buddha.

Buddhaist Nun blessing Chinese dragon..


Taiwan Temple Buddha


Korea, tappa, chanting book.

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Barkley H/way.


Symbol of Appreciation.

Traveling on the Capricorn Highway from Dingo to Emerald North West Queensland, I was riding in the passenger seat while my pommepal did the driving. I was mesmerized by the panorama passing by and the endless similar landscape appearing before us.

I relaxed into a samadhi state of mind. I thought although all the bush looked very similar in overall pattern it was totally unique in detail. Every plant in nature has its own genetic blue print to follow and if left undisturbed would be perfectly symmetrical in its growth. This would make a very boring world.

So it is fortunate there are interference from the wind as well as birds, animals and insects doing damage, to cause trees to grow in distorted shapes and have interesting notches and hollows. This is what contributes to making the Australian landscape so interesting and beautiful. There are endless wonders to behold, if one takes the time to slow down, stop and look. As 130 km/hr. is the speed limit on many of these outback roads, many people never see the wondrous variety of things to enjoy.

Learning from books is a good way to gain knowledge, but to know and not to do is still not to know. To have knowledge from books and experience from life is truly wisdom. Nature has something for everybody to enjoy and be interested in. Not to be interested in the wondrous beauty of nature is to insult the creator, whoever or what aver you believe that to be. To be in tune with nature is to be in balance. Like a tightrope walker ever mindful, walking the line between ecstasy and doom.     

Traveling the outback in a modern vehicle should never be dull or monotonous. Having said that, these are the longest, straightest and flattest roads in the world and at times we need to get to a camp site before dark so stopping for a break has to be forfeited. When this happens I do need a change, so I do some writing, sometimes in rhyme; with a bit of imagination you could call it poetry.

I drew a symbol on a long run somewhere near Camooweal not far from the border of Northern Territory. It was a rough sketch so I have worked on it in Photoshop.

Guiding symbol.

It incorporates the Four Noble Truths, represented by the square. The eight pointed star for the Eight Fold Path. Yin and yang symbol for balance of opposites. The curved line between Yin and yang is for perfect balance and harmony of all things. The circle is for everlasting never ending eternity of nature.

Barkley Homestead on way to Renner springs.

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Sunrise on the Gold Coast.


The Pantheist.

At the closing of the day nature often gives a spectacular display. To quietly watch the sunset is one of nature’s many magnificent gifts. To quietly focus on the shapes and colours of the clouds, relaxes, rejuvenates us freeing our mind of stress. We often forget, neglecting to appreciate what is freely given.

Nature has no ego to feel insulted and threaten punishment for our insults to Gods beautiful gifts. If we would rather admire man made things, or watch T.V. or make money our god. Nature goes her impartial way; the loss is ours, just another one of nature’s automatic laws.

Paddle your feet.

To get away from the pressures of town, we find peace where we can, earth-out,    paddle bare-foot in the shallow water by the sea, or in a forest stream, or in a puddle as a child would, is a simple pleasure often unrealized by adults.

We do not have to meditate on a mountain top. Our mind can be stilled and our body rejuvenated by time spent in quiet contemplation close to nature’s virgin wonderland. Hearing sounds, seeing visual displays and marveling at the complex system that keeps this ever changing, environmental system in balance, actually the whole cosmos in equilibrium.

W,A. wild flower.

Spirals, eddies, meanders, fractals, trees branching and Fabonacci spiral sequences are all part of natures functional application, of mathematics and physics, where space and time are controlled, using minimal space and effort. Man has only copied from nature and our achievements are only child-like in comparison to nature’s example.

Both flower and seed pod are beautifully aranged.

Though I try, all this complexity is beyond my comprehension. So I just show my respect and admiration as often as I can. In return nature gives me rewards of peace and pleasure. The day will eventually come when I will reluctantly have to leave these marvelous gifts.

The river meanders far below.

I will return to where I came from, as nothing is wasted or destroyed in nature, it only changes and reforms. I may fly with dust-mites in the air, or reappear anywhere. This is why we need a belief in some supreme Force a Tao a God or something to pin our hope on.

Dead branches make beautiful petterns.

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Awake to the backwash.

Go with the flow.

You sit here quietly enjoying yourself, forget your active self. Such is not a denial of real self.

There is no real self to deny, as a self that persists always in one pattern, one mood, one degree of intelligence, one turn of affection.

The living you is always changing. Live now accept yourself as you are now. There is no one to always blame no one to be always praised.

Each moment you are lifted by a different wave, blown by a wind from a different coast line. Each moment you are responding differently, as chemical combinations change and result in different reactions to changing external stimuli.

If winds seem too strong, know they will subside. If waves seem too high remember the calm below the waves.

The tree on the shore accepts both storm and calm. You must accept, perforce, go with what happens and be part of it.

With no ego to set its self apart, you will find accommodating much more pleasant, than trying to insist the universe accommodates it’s self to a certain ego that feels it’s self too be the eternal, unchanging centre of the whole show.

 This little Boat will survive the storm, as it suits its motions to the wave’s heaves and the winds most furious blasts.

This little Picture was sketched with felt tipped pens I think it captures the flow. The words and sketch came out of my old book of jottings, but they have  more meaning than ever, after the years have past.

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