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This is a Photoshop mirical.

This is a Photoshop mirical.

   Do you believe in fairies?

down to earth view of our garden.

down to earth view of our garden.

If you have read my blog you will know I do not believe in the supernatural, just the facts. So there are no fairies at the bottom of our garden. But some strange things are happening a photo of a dish of fruit was gmailed to me from Google, taken on my iphone, great idea, Google you have done it again. This is not magic but it is close to it.

The wonderful world.

The wonderful world.

Things these days make it hard to believe our eyes. Working on my P.C. and out of the blue a message comes up on the monitor telling me not to switch off, updates are down loading from Microsoft. Has the machine got a mind of its own? There is a logical reason I just do not know all the tricks. I do know some of Photoshop’s tricks that look like magic.

The Hyacinth flower lasts only one day.

The Hyacinth flower lasts only one day.

I want you to reassure me there are no fairies, elves or little people invading my home. I have some little people decorating the garden made out of clay they are not to blame. You can check them out if you like.

In our water garden.

In our water garden.

Could some mischievous goblin have taken my camera into the garden and had some fun at my expense. Look at these pictures; I am now over eighty years young, could I bend down low enough to take them.

Under our van Matilda.

Under our van Matilda.

Pauline my pommepal believes I am capable of getting up to many things but doubts that I could get down that low. There has to be a logical explanation, may be I am getting old-timers dis-ease. Do you think Pauline is having a joke with me? This is something for you to explain, who took the photos? How could someone take photos from an ant’s perspective? When I put photos in my blog I always use my own or acknowledge. As I did in the post The Montage of Religion to make that montage I got some of the pictures from the internet.

Reflect on this photo it is not Photoshoped.

Reflect on this photo it is not Photoshoped.

These photos are a different way of seeing things. We get attached in the way we view the world. The world is constantly changing and we need to try and adjust. Accepting the useful logic and rejecting the unacceptable nonsense. Believing in the logic of today not stuck in obsolete old ways. Consider all the visual angles and other aspects of our life. The detrimental parts of the old myths and fairytales can then be discarded.

This is the low down on fairytailes.

This is the low down on fairytailes.

Fairy stories can be entertaining and may have some moral lessons we can use. As long as we understand what is fact and what is fiction we will not argue about irrelevant stupidity.  Magic and miracles all have an explanation if we can see through the trickery, sleight-of-hand, deceit and subterfuge. Mysteries exist that man cannot explain and a hypothesis is put forward to work by. With advancements in understanding the old ideas are replaced by feasible ones.

A fairytail or a naughty gnomes trail.

A fairytail or a naughty gnomes trail.

People are naturally reluctant to change and some people have ulterior reason to not want change. Men in high positions of power suppress the facts that would put them out of business. They suppressed truth and their followers are encouraged to continue in their ignorance. Fear and promises are used to keep their gullible supporters under their control. Greed, fear and ignorance are the three poisons our magnificent natural world is stressed by. If as individuals we do not yield to the evil of greed, bribery or fear, remaining reciprocal, unbiased and learning from all of life teachings, the world will benefit.

looking up at all the angles.

looking up at all the angles.

While greed and lies prevail and men fight over the small issues of power, the hungry starve and nature suffers under the pressures of a system based on acquisition. Fairies in our garden are for the enjoyment of children. Adults can have a laugh too and then look at all the angles without fairies, angels and divine messengers. Arguing about who created our wonderful world is destroying it. By taking only what you need appreciating and sharing natures wondrous free gifts. Our individual personal actions may make our world a better place. 

Follow The Path to contentment.

Follow The Path to contentment.

http://www.thebigview.com/buddhism/eightfoldpath.htmlto  I would recomond following this path.

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THE Magic Mountain.

A mountain in S. Korea.

Imagine a mountain built of good deeds. Rock created by deeds of kindness and generosity. Visualize politeness and harmony setting hard like concrete, honesty and morality forming a compound hard as diamonds. Thoughtfulness and love bonded all into a solid mass like granite rock, a wonderful achievement of our compassion, understanding and empathy, accumulating into a beautiful misty mountain monument to goodness.

Now consider if for every thoughtless unkind action a person did, that pure mountain lost a chip, every harsh word uttered, left a scar and that every mean and evil deed done caused erosion of that great mountain. Every greedy selfish cheating wrong to humanity caused erosion that diminished that beautiful mountain.

Soraksan Mountaln S. Korea.

Actually there is a vast mountain of good in this wonderful world and everybody can contribute to the promotion of good. All it takes is thought and consideration of how our actions affect the world around us and other people.

Natural erosian of waves on rocks.

We would have to moderate and control our desires, watch our speech and show by our actions the way for people to live in love and truth. A good or bad example does provoke a like response from others. There is no action without a reaction. Planting seeds of kind considerate actions will yield a good crop. In the past the wise have said, “As you sow so you will reap.”

World Pottery Expo Korea.

Thoughtless, hurtful, greedy, selfish actions done without considering the facts, the hasty things said in anger. These are the actions that breakdown goodwill and trust. It is the buildup of all these things, the small careless, mean and hurtful things done because of vanity or greed that are breaking down the good in our lives. These things are tearing down everything good. Look at yourself are you building or tearing down the precious magic mountain, the ethical good?

Pauline and Jasmine.

The magic mountain is yours it is up to you to build or demolish it by your actions. Will you add to the good in this world or diminish the good and beauty? The world can be a paradise or a hell reduced to rubble. The magic mountain is not an illusion, this is not trickery, it is a metaphor of wisdom, and the magic will be when we seeing it.

Castle Hill Townsville.


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A magic place mt Warning.



Buddhist temple repairs..

Living The Magic Life.

I talk to myself, what do I say? “What a wonderful day.

Life is grand.” I shake my own hand, “What a mighty land.”

I want to run to my magic place, no, there are things that need to be done,

 do your duty and let it be fun.


Demanding work art detail.


How can I play all day and make the work go away.

Attitude, work is play if we see it that way.

It is in our mind whether it is work or play.

 I can enjoy the day in a different way.

I want to run to my magic place.

I want to run but it is not a race.

The human race sets a stampede pace.

Concrete will be covered with coloured tiles.

Always wanting makes people rush, hurrying to where they want to be,

 they miss the good things they could see,on the way.

“Slow down.” I say “enjoy this day.”

It is up to you what you want to do. I choose to do what is required of me.

 It is like breathing, a necessity.

 Obligations and genuine needs are best done with delight,

 if you want to sleep sound at night.

Makes my work childs play.

 Life is a challenge to do your best;

 a job well done is like a test.

 The more you practice the better you do.

 Very soon work is fun to you.

Doing good work is the right way,

 to find contentment in your day.

No worry or strife free from desire, wanting and greed.

 We find there is pleasure in every deed.

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The Path to Follow.

Path round Burleigh Headland.

The Magic Place.

I found a magic place I’d like to share with you.

It’s so easy to find if you know the path to follow.

Finding the path is the hardest part. I searched the world to find this magic place and it was with me all the time. Wanting to find this magic place drove me so hard I did not see the magic traveled everywhere within me.

The magic is in our hearts just waiting for a quiet moment to escape and fill the world around us with beauty and wonder as it has always done. It has been there since the world began it will always be there. The magic is always there for those who follow the right path in life.

Parth to Edith Falls N.T.

I always try to follow the path but sometimes I lose my way. It is because of my ignorance. I know I must learn more to find more magic. Still I must not hurry to be impatient, wanting more and rushing will only destroy the magic I have found.

I cannot carry you to my magic place I can only point the way. You must make the effort and commitment to discover the magic place for yourself.

The path takes some effort.

Beauty, peace, contentment, sharing and loving-kindness are sign posts on the way. Loving is giving without a thought for ones self. Just the knowledge of spreading goodness should be our only motive. Expect nothing in return or the giving becomes a trade or tactic for gain.

Buddha Showed the way.

The path that leads to the magic place is the Buddha’s “Eight Fold Path” an ethical guide in life, that no one can walk for you or carry, you have to make the effort and practice walking the path yourself. There are many paths to the top of the mountain but they all take effort and have the same ethics as the Buddha’s “Eight Fold Path.”

Bronz Buddha at Soraksan.


Red road to Kanjina, one of many in Out Back Aussie.


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