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Let us have a cup of tea.

Let us have a cup of tea.

Actions speak louder than words so don’t annoy me with cross words.

The cross words found in newspapers should be our only cross words.

Crazy photos to match the post.

Crazy photos to match the post.

Cryptic ones are crazy challenges that play with words.

Watch your step.

Watch your step.

This is a cryptic post you may not follow what it is actually on about you might find it is a total waste of time. Time is the problem in places like waiting rooms, when you don’t take a book to read. But there is usually a lot of uninteresting reading matter and this may be the time you feel like having a cross word.

There is lots to watch here.

There is lots to watch here.

It is better to fritter your time away on a cross word than getting all up-tight  There should never be a cross word just an innuendo inserted in the right place. The intro is over now into the crazy crypt crossword.

Could the answer to the puzzling one across be ‘love’, no not enough letters four is not enough. Ignorance is no good, knowledge is needed to succeed. We have to know another word for love. Love is too ambiguous implying romance passion and lust. We have to be precise and know compassion. That’s it one across, compassion, if we have that right four down will be easy. Four down, is found in a doctors waiting room? Eight letters, patients that’s what’s needed.

Incredible what we do to be outstanding.

Incredible what we do to be outstanding.

This one is easy. The clue is, Dance then drink part of a cup of tea an go? Too easy Tango and they say it takes two to Tango. Yes reciprocity is a must for a congenial relationship.

Does it out do those old cathedrals.

Does it surpass those old cathedrals?

So what have we got right, no four letter words the right words are all nice . We have compassion, patience and Tango. Four down has twelve letters. It has to be perseverance, that  ties it all in.

This was built for education.

This was built for education.

Clue to twenty across, nine letters, there are two words in the clue. The last words to end of a fairy tale’. Well if you must have the last word, the fairy tale relationship is, all over, no all over is only seven letters, but it is all over if you always have the last word.

Another building in the same area.

Another building planted close by.

Fairy Tales have happy endings, happy endings has too many letters. The last words of all fairy tales, is they all lived happily ever after. That is, the last words to end a fairy tale. Ever after I can’t add an s so I am one letter short.  I Tried but I failed but I did not fail to try.

These buildings grow on you.

These buildings grow on you.

I need a little help from my friends. What is the very end of a fairy tale? Two words nine letters.

This is a link you will find interesting explaining the Vertical Gardens Building. Within the link is a link to a video that is well worth a look.http://www.architectureanddesign.com.au/news/the-story-behind-patrick-blanc-vertical-gardens-at

What do you think of them?

What do you think of them?

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Creature from the backside of the moon.


Reflect on how you look at


This insect is not easy to see, unless you have been sampling Psilocybe cubensis, a potent species of psychedelic mushroom, known as Golden Magic Mushrooms.

Murky river.

A tree smiles at me and gives me the eye,

What would I see if shown a psychiatrist’s ink blot book? Would I be like the man who saw sex orgies in every picture? The psychiatrist diagnosed him as obsessed with sex. To this the patient complained,” You are worse; you’re the one showing people your dirty picture book!”

Bear faced tree.

All jokes aside, in all seriousness, it is dangerous sampling mushrooms as many are poisonous and all drugs have adverse side-effects. Even prescribed drugs have side effects. Compare those side-affects with the suffering of the complaint, then decide the best action. We should listen to a doctor’s advice and then, when we have all the information on side-effects, make our own decisions. Never leave your important decisions to someone else.

Reflecting on good.

Drug companies push their product; doctors are supplied with information and samples of products from drug dealers, sorry, drug companies they call themselves. Doctors are usually under pressure from impatient patients and the fast changing methods of treatment are hard to keep up with. So doctors do not always look at all the angles.

Shadows of giraffes.

When you choose a book do you consider the authors back ground and knowledge of the subject or his motives in writing? In moderation to be entertained with relaxed light reading or thought provoking reading can be a good thing. Variety is needed otherwise you will become bored and narrow-minded in your outlook. How do doctors choose their literature?

Buddha statue reflecting.

Are you getting the full picture, are you looking at things from all angles? Are you reflecting on things of importance or hurrying to the next thing on your busy agenda. Look at everything with an open mind; it is surprising what you will see. Not all abstract art is rubbish; we need to see it through the artist’s eyes.

Nature is the best artist both conventional and abstract. Nature is the creator of all things wonderous; man can copy but never surpass nature in art, invention or any of his endeavors. To appreciate this take the time to look, the deeper you look at nature’s world the more you will see. It will turn your life around to live closer to nature.

Jack in wonderland of reflection.

Nature programs on T.V. are as good as it gets, the movie by that name was also good, but there is nothing like the real thing, as the patient said to his psychiatrist, after looking at the ink blot book.


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The smile and body language says it all.

Miss who?

Misunderstanding, most of the problems, arguments and even wars, I believe are caused by misunderstanding and ignorance. With ignorance of the full facts a person misjudges a situation. There are other factors that contribute to our difficulty in living in harmony with our fellow man or should I say fellow person?

Here is an example of misunderstanding. Some woman may have had a bad experience with a macho man with a big ego. Then she reads, Miss who? Picks up on misunderstanding, ignorance and fellowman, she could easily wrongly assess the motive in my writing. My intention is to promote understanding. Miss Who? Was my idea of humor, I did not go too far and mention misbehave, that would be a misdemeanor, this is probably not funny to most people.

Stress of modern life.

We have to be very careful with humor. Normally no one minds you laughing with them but usually people do mind you laughing at them and often someone is the brunt of the joke. Remember moderation in all things especially humor, Still never lose your sense of humor, it can keep you smiling over those tough times.

No mistaking these smiles.

Hitch hiking back in the 60s sometimes, when the lifts were few and far between and the situation was getting desperate. I would think of something funny as a prospective lift approached this put a smile on my face. I had noticed other hitch hikers with grim looks on their faces, they were worried looks but to the drivers they looked unfriendly and desperate and fear prevented them from stopping.

Sam, I call him Sam Simardi.

Unsmiling worried looking faces can give the wrong impression to people making snap judgments. When a person is stressed and has troubles they may not only look uninviting, their disposition can also be unfriendly. In most cases this is only temporary. We need to have full understanding of any situation before we start making judgments and airing our views.

Fear contributes to a good deal of our problems; fear is often used by manipulative, ignorant, and greedy people to achieve their objectives. Armies and weapons of mass destruction, we are told, protect us from invasion. Conversely other countries aware of the buildup of forces, in fear, increase their weaponry. This fear is a waste of effort and resources that could be put to better causes. When we smile we send a message that is understood in all languages. Kindness and a helping hand promotes reciprocity.

All children are special.

You now have a positive and a negative list of words. Negative words are misunderstanding, ignorance, fear and greed, positive words are understanding, trust, kindness, moderation and balance.

People in love are beautiful.

This leads me to think, if less was spent by the rich countries on weapons of mass destruction and more on foreign aid, there would be less envy, discontentment and hate. There would be less damage to environment as our resources are wasted on blowing up cities, then rebuilding them.  Have you wondered who profits from war?

This is someones happy home.

I have traveled alone in foreign lands and been treated kindly by the locals. I have tried to smile and look friendly, respected their ways and never flaunted my affluence. I have been more a traveler than a rich tourist wanting a good time. My aim has been to experience their way of life and see the wonders of their country.

Finish on a happy note.

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Is this all?

Some thing to think about. It is said the thought produces the word:the word manifests the deed and the deed developes the habit then the habit hardens into character.Our five senses take in all that surrounds us and our busy mind translates that into thoughts. I think our mind gets over loaded in this modern world, or may be I just can’t hack the pace. I try to be mindful of my thought, not an easy thing to do, meditation helps me. Still I often say the first thing that pops into my mind.I have to watch my thoughts some wise person said”As the shadow follows the body, as we think so we become.””Was that wise person Confucius or did he say “Boy who makes love to girl on side of hill not on the level.”?

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