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Bark of a tree you must see, the bark of a dog is hard to miss.


Oo! oh! ahh! the singing Boab.

To believe in the inexplicable, what came first the chicken or the egg? What is the sound of one hand clapping? Where does the flame go when the candle is blown out? The inexplicable is to know the way; those that do not practice the way are lost and ask, “What is the way?” We all know the way but few walk it. To be conscious is the way; life is the truth of the way. You are free to go your own way.

Flowering the Banksia sings of beauty later it’s a party song.

The way that can be said is not the true way. Seek and you will find your way. No one can tell you, you must experience it. The truth is on the breeze, in the fragrant scent of blossom, the song of a bird. A flower can tell you more than words about beauty. Words are counterfeit coin compared to the golden treasures of nature.

Time softens then obliterates mans marks.

When you understand, life becomes a celebration, your encounters with it a joy. You eat to live you do not live to eat; food becomes a great experience for all your senses. The wind in the trees sings, the sounds of water are a symphony and the birds songs are music. Clouds, rocks and mountains are artistic sculptures, the bark of trees the patterns on leaves and all the many marks on ageing things are nature’s abstract art. Nature has led the way inspiring all mans art and inventions.

Alone enjoying one of natures free gifts.

It is unimportant whether the chicken or egg came first. Explanations for irrelevant questions that have nothing to do with our happiness and contentment are useless. What is important is our attitude to life and the understanding that the best things in life have no dollar value, they are priceless. To thirst for pleasures like a child with an inflated coloured balloon is to play with sorrow.

Camera or paint brush is only a visual copy.

To drink natures cleansing pure water and know your needs are not fizzy drinks of desire. To eat natures foods and not make your stomach a grave yard for dead animal bodies. To live in peace and harmony, caring and loving all, is the way. We do know the way but do not practice it? Not to appreciate the wondrous gifts spread in our path is to insult whoever or whatever you believe to be the all powerful provider. We will not be punished for this insult but if the laws of nature are unbalanced we will automatically suffer.

Thankful for another sunrise.

Life can be a wonderful journey for the person who knows the true nature of things. The one that appreciates and practices caring and sharing will find joy and contentment; giving and forgiving are the way to live. Love and understanding are necessary to find peace in our life. No one can do this for you; you must practice and observe these things as you make your own way in life.

Every thing is beautiful to the mindful.

Travel light, gather wisdom it is not a heavy burden, meander quietly, savour all and spread joy and kindness and you will enjoy your journey.

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 Steps to restore the environment.

Rest is found in the greens of nature.

This post was prompted because so many people are deeply concerned about the impact our materialistic system is having on the environment and our quality of life.

Worry is futile.

Worries and fears will not help and violent action will aggravate the problem. Putting our hands together praying may still our fear but the problem will remain. Although a practical spiritual approach is needed.

Friends with Buddha.

Understanding the Taoist ideas of wu-wei, (the action of non action) and to be in balance with nature, would be of some help. The Buddha’s understanding of the nature of reality found in the Four Noble Truths and practicing the steps he prescribed in The Eight Fold Path could be the answer. If we were to follow this philosophy the problems of the modern world could be turned around. With this understanding and practice I believe there would be a vast improvement in your happiness and the world in general.

Fathers choice a Christian child.

There is no need to change your religious beliefs, understanding the Four Noble Truths and by following the Eight Fold Path would enhance your existing beliefs not change them.

Sacred places are tranqual havens.

Mother natures problem child.

The problem child does not want to go to bed, stays up late watching television. What the child watches is mostly violence or negative nonsense interrupted by the advertising of useless extravagant things we cannot afford. The violence instills fear because of fear the child is driven to school. Two cars are then needed in the family. Father has no time to wait for busses to get to work. Busses are so infrequent, no-one uses them except old people and they get a concession on their fare, no wonder public transport is failing to give good service. The children need to be taken to sport, and other activities by car, they cannot ride their bikes because the roads are crowded with dangerous drivers, hurrying to keep up with the modern pace of the human race.

A nice toy for the boy.

The cost of all the labour-saving devices, we are enticed to buy by the advertising industry has made it necessary to go to a gym to exercise. We could get our exercise in many other ways but there is not time for messing around at the beach surfing or wandering in the mountains. We have to keep earning those dollars to pay for all our time-saving and fashionable, ego building, items advertising lured us into buying.

Natural and free is the way to be.

The garden is paved there is no time to play in a garden. A chlorinated swimming pool replaces the lawn, with a few sculptured garden gnomes and sometimes a concrete Buddha meditating. The birds, bees and interesting creatures have no reason to visit, this sterile unnatural place. Mother Nature’s delinquent children have no time to enjoy her free gifts. They are too busy greedily acquiring more things to hoard and clutter up their life.

Economical and practical.

This is not my problem I am not wasting my time worrying about the environment. Nature is infinite it cannot be destroyed; man will ultimately destroy himself with his ignorance. In nature nothing is lost it only changes, as matter in a compost heap breaks down to become nutrients for new life.

We need to take care, of natures beauty.

A truce is needed in all mans wars and a united effort is needed to restore our alliance with nature.

Altogether beautiful.

I am only concerned in fixing my own faults and how much I am abusing nature’s free gifts. I have little influence on the world; I only have influence on myself. Advertising is selling it but I am resisting the temptation to buy and throw out something just because it is faded or out of fashion. Do not buy unless you have a genuine need. Nature is a lasting free gift, other costly things are impermanent and time is an irreplaceable resource, once spent it can never be regained, you cannot relive yesterday. Our life is made of un-renewable time.

beautifying the world.

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Good outlook, heigh position.

The big question.

Philosophers ask the big questions, here are some small questions and ironic answers.

Great job.

Why are we working long hours? The answer is to pay for time and labor saving devices. Why do I need a car to go to the gym? Because we get no exercise driving a car. Cycling or walking in the open air with the world unfolding at an enjoyable pace is worth considering.

Skys the limit.

Why do we need a car that travels faster than the legal speed limit? Same reason people smoke. We need to slow down and look at the flowers you do not see much at fifty km/hr through a smoke haze.

No gym fees low cost transport, no smoke.

Why do we buy expensive equipment and not read the manual on how to use all the available features? Because we do not need all the features we have paid for.

Why do we discard things that are still useful and serviceable? The reason often is because they are not the latest fashion.

We have it all.

Why do we waste our time on material things we do not need? Because we do not value our time that is an irreplaceable commodity.

We may think he has it all.

Why do we want everything? Because we are lacking something.

Why do people argue with us? It is because we are disagreeable. Why are we too short of time to relax? Because we are too busy making money.

On reflection this one has it all.

Why do we worry because most of the things we worry about never happen?

Why do we try to convert others to our beliefs? Because we will not consider changing our beliefs.

Why do some people want for nothing? It is because they are contented with having what they need and real needs are not extravagence.

Which one is the best?

It is a poor man that needs to greedily hoard material things in an effort to be happy. Modern technology can never surpass, in any field of mans costly endeavors, natures gifts. Nature’s wonderful gifts are free to those that respect and appreciate what she offers.

I think I’ll go by train.

This entire futile struggle needs to be questioned and a more leisurely approach, in balance with the flow of nature, is required. 

Bikes are best.


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Montage of Religions.

The montage of religions.

Although all these religions have good aspects, they all have doubters and disputes, within their faith and with other religions. All have good intentions and can help in living an ethical life.  But in my opinion none are the ultimate answer. I could be wrong, I am still learning, no doubt I am ignorant of some of the details. We often look outside and criticize others, when the fault lies within our self.  I will follow what I believe and not be dogmatic about other dogmas and beliefs. With an open questioning attitude I hope to gain some understanding, of what is possibly an unanswerable question.

A piece of heaven.

I learned some interesting things, while gathering pictures for the montage.

thanks to.

Peace in heaven.

Thanks to Google and all the people whose pictures I used in the montage. All the other pictures I used are my own photos and drawings. That works out reasonably well, thanks to the Photoshop program. For the montage I decided to explore another way of getting pictures and I learned a lot more than I had expected   Thanks to the web site, Islamic Academy, I read the article for non Muslims, well worth reading, especially for people who consider Muslims a threat. That was where I got the beautiful art representation of Allah I liked others but chose the one with the flowers as they are more in keeping with purity and seemed more as a gift from the above. Thanks for the picture I used in the montage from other sites. They all gave me a bit more interesting knowledge about the beliefs they represented. I give thanks to them for this knowledge that contributes to my understanding and enlightenment.

Many rivers flow to one ocean.

Knowledge and understanding are the antidote to fear and hatred. It is said, “Things are neither good nor bad, things are just as they are.” to the wise. We can get too emotionally involved, too judgmental. Some times we think something is wonderful when we learn the price; decide it expensive, not worth the time and effort and often an adversity is a blessing in disguises.

The ocean is vast.

If we look for the good we will find it, if we look for faults we will find them. It could be what we see is only a reflection of what we are looking for. So let us start to look for the good in our fellow man, he is a reflection of you. Smile at the people you meet, they will usually return your smile, do not get upset if they do not, they may have problems and need kindness, not more troubles. Do not be too quick to judge that untidy, mean-looking person, in reality he may have dreadful problems plaguing him. See him under favorable circumstances and he could appear much more appealing.

The ocean is deep.

To judge a belief as a myth and nonsense, before studying it with an open mind is biased, prejudice. A mind interested in the underlying reasoning is more rewarding. Things I once thought had no useful purpose or were unintelligible nonsense, after further investigation I saw the reasoning behind them. Some I then judged as helpful to my spiritual advancement others I decided were not helpful to me. I always benefited in that I gained understanding of the people that lived by those beliefs.

The ocean is beautiful.

Reciprocity, understanding and respect are things that could save a lot of turmoil in our world. To live with trust in our neighbor, knowing he has the same needs as us and if not deprived of his fair share of these basic needs, like us he would rather live in peace than risk his life in war and the destruction. War does more damage to our environment than all the peaceful activity. Nature is infinite and will not be destroyed, man is mortal he will be destroyed, if he refuses to learn.

Natures beautiful gifts we should appreciate in your own way.

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Stephanie in Snake Bean Community Garden.

Pauline, you may know her from her blog Pommepal, and I visited Darwin and accommodation, especially budget, is scarce We were fortunate that Stephanie and Regis let us park in their car port. Matilda our Toyota pop-top van just fitted under the shade cloth canopy. We are self-contained, except we needed to use their shower and toilet, no problem, they are very kind and hospitable people. Stephanie also made us vegetarian treats, mostly from her plot in the “Snake Bean Community Garden.

community garden

We learnt a lot from Stephanie and Regis. Regis works at the museum and gave us a guided tour, explaining many things we would have over looked. Stephanie is very knowledgeable especially in conservation and thrifty living. She has a blog site that is full of tips on economical living. The name of the blog is self-explanatory, frugaldownunder.

Stephanie and Regis practice what they advocate, some people talk about all that is wrong with things but have no answers. Go to Stephanie’s blog and get some answers. To know and not to do is still not to know, is an old Chinese saying. Another great saying is, to change the world start with yourself.

What I advocate first is moderation in all things especially watching the T.V. commercials and that is difficult because as soon as you switch on they are bombarding you. Then will power and common sense are needed. Do you need or do you just want it? There is a big difference, we need to eat to stay alive, but we do not necessarily need cake and chocolates, especially if we are already over weight. They are tempting you using all the psychological knowledge available. If you can live without it, it is a luxury and sometimes these extravagances cost more than they are worth.

Some people work long hours at a job they do not like, giving up leisure time for things that only take up valuable space in their home. It would be better to work at something you like doing for less pay. Stop and take stock of what you value in your life. A bicycle can be more convenient than a car when you consider traffic jams, parking and the cost. It is a good way to exercise to keep fit and no gym fees.

I am not advocating you give up all the things you enjoy. If you enjoy watching T.V. just be selective and aware of those tempting commercials. You may have a real need for a car and unable to bike then a car may be necessary. You need to evaluate for yourself what is a need and what is more a burden than an asset.

Igor biking around Australia we met Camooweal.

Pauline and I enjoy experiencing things first hand rather than on T.V. We like meeting interesting people and we found our Darwin hosts ideal in all respects. We thought Darwin interesting as you can see from the photos in Pauline’s blog if you want to visit it.

Mindil Beach sunset Darwin.


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Sunrise on the Gold Coast.


The Pantheist.

At the closing of the day nature often gives a spectacular display. To quietly watch the sunset is one of nature’s many magnificent gifts. To quietly focus on the shapes and colours of the clouds, relaxes, rejuvenates us freeing our mind of stress. We often forget, neglecting to appreciate what is freely given.

Nature has no ego to feel insulted and threaten punishment for our insults to Gods beautiful gifts. If we would rather admire man made things, or watch T.V. or make money our god. Nature goes her impartial way; the loss is ours, just another one of nature’s automatic laws.

Paddle your feet.

To get away from the pressures of town, we find peace where we can, earth-out,    paddle bare-foot in the shallow water by the sea, or in a forest stream, or in a puddle as a child would, is a simple pleasure often unrealized by adults.

We do not have to meditate on a mountain top. Our mind can be stilled and our body rejuvenated by time spent in quiet contemplation close to nature’s virgin wonderland. Hearing sounds, seeing visual displays and marveling at the complex system that keeps this ever changing, environmental system in balance, actually the whole cosmos in equilibrium.

W,A. wild flower.

Spirals, eddies, meanders, fractals, trees branching and Fabonacci spiral sequences are all part of natures functional application, of mathematics and physics, where space and time are controlled, using minimal space and effort. Man has only copied from nature and our achievements are only child-like in comparison to nature’s example.

Both flower and seed pod are beautifully aranged.

Though I try, all this complexity is beyond my comprehension. So I just show my respect and admiration as often as I can. In return nature gives me rewards of peace and pleasure. The day will eventually come when I will reluctantly have to leave these marvelous gifts.

The river meanders far below.

I will return to where I came from, as nothing is wasted or destroyed in nature, it only changes and reforms. I may fly with dust-mites in the air, or reappear anywhere. This is why we need a belief in some supreme Force a Tao a God or something to pin our hope on.

Dead branches make beautiful petterns.

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Soraksan Gwongeumseonng Mountain Korea.

The Cock That Rises With the Sun.

I heard a rooster crow this morning. It let me know that day was dawning. My mind was busy right away, planning how to spend my day.

Time is precious, life is fleeting, Could be the message in his greeting. Fine and sunny or rain and cloud, another day I have been allowed.

The bird may be wiser than we realize. He sees through us with birds strong eyes. His head cut off with a cruel blow, to feed mans greed, he must go.

That is no way to treat our feathered friend. That wakes us up to the magic light of day. To marvel and admire nature’s superior display, man can never replicate an achievement anyway as great.

Still we waste our time in stupid things like hate and vanity, instead of caring and sharing with humanity. We hoard the things we do not need. What is our reward for this greed? It incites envy from the needy, that’s our reward for being greedy.

How would we respond in third world conditions, without sophisticated, state of the art ammunitions? Would we fight in an underhand way, or would we trust in god and pray?

Clinging to impermanent things, think of all the trouble it brings. Wasting time on petty things, like a candle in a draft, our Chi cut off, our life is past.

What will I do today, continue in the usual way. With Yin and Yang leading a balanced life, on the Eight Fold path free from trouble and strife. I’ll give a miss to the Kentucky Fry menu. So my feathered friend’s life might continue.

If it is not too far I will not take the motorcar. I will keep fit doing what I like, getting exercise on my push-bike. I will try not to let advertising fuel my greed, only buying what I really need. The wheels of progress need to go round; still we need to turn the climate change around. The war with natures plan could be the end of mortal man. Nature is infinite her laws of balance will endure, obey them or impartially she will send you down her sewer.

That is not a good way to end, but it does happen, don’t be a dodo.

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Plants saving the seashore.

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