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“Tell Him He’s Dreaming.”

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When someone makes an outrageous claim we say ‘tell him he’s dreaming.’   In an Australian movie called “The Castle.” A habit of one of the son’s was searching the sales in the local Trade and Exchange paper. When he found a bargain he would ask for his father’s advice. His father would enquire how much and then say,” Tell him he’s dreaming.” The movie got a cult following, it was so typically Aussie humour. If you have the time and enjoy the kind of humour inherent of English comedy see “The Castle”. When the father was given a gift he always said, “This is going straight to the pool-room,” Where he kept all his prize possessions.  If you give an Aussie a gift and he says, “This is going straight to the pool-room. “, you will know he is grateful. But tell him he is dreaming and you are saying he is unrealistic.

A good place to rest.

A good place to rest.

Yet many still believe in dreams, why do some still cling to the impossible? We desire a favourable outcome that is why we have faith in dreams. Facing up to the hard reality that all things are impermanent is too devastating. We would rather live with a dream than face the reality of impermanence.  If believing in a book of dreams helps you that is good. As long as you do not despise those who have a different book of dreams.

‘The Da Vinci Code’, a book by Dan Brown, was made into a movie. Let us suppose this book came to him in a dream. Would we then assume it was the word of god and Dan Brown was a prophet?  Would it be listed under religion in a category of its own or under non-fiction?

A beautiful inspiration.

A beautiful inspiration.

How can we be sure of what happened around two thousand years BC, around the time of Abraham? From what I have read, and the many movies made by Cecil. B. De Mille, Abraham wanted his people to give up their belief in an array of gods and accepting his monolithic god with the purpose of uniting them as a people. That formed the basis of the Abrahamic religion’s of today. Abraham made his god ‘The Almighty God’ the god that stated, in his second commandment, that he was a jealous god to be feared.

It is all good with the right attitude.

It is all good with the right attitude.

This post is going to be like sailing a small boat into stormy waters. Some sailing with me may decide not to take the voyage. Others, with courage, open minds and curiosity, will stay with me. I do not want to hurt you, or lead you astray. I only want to open your eyes to other possibilities and to realise in time all things change, and have changed beyond belief since ancient time. Some things may still be good practices, others are useless hindrances that give us nothing and are a burden, like unessential junk when traveling.

You don't need a lot to be happy.

You don’t need a lot to be happy.

Things did not go as Abraham had planned, but this was good material for films. Cecil. B. De Mille was quoted as saying. “Give me two pages of the bible and I will give you a motion picture.” C.B. De Mille made some colossal movies using Bible stories. ‘The Sign of the Cross’ 1932, “Cleopatra”, Claudette Colbert made a splash in the film when she bathed in ass’s milk. There has been more recent movie actress’s to play the part of Cleopatra, Elisabeth Taylor was great and in Technicolor. I was an impressionable boy when I saw the rerun of Claudette Colbert in the old version, she haunted my youthful dreams. “The Crusades”, David and Goliath”, “The Passion of Christ “made De Mille a lot of money but I think he lost on “Sodom and Gomorra”. “The Ten Commandments” was a winner.

Charlton Heston played Moses in Cecil B DeMille's 1956 version of 'The Ten Commandments'

God should have given Abraham the Ten Commandments, in my opinion, but it is calculated about five hundred years passed before the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, amid a display of pyrotechnics put on by Mount Sinai. The Ten Commandments were supposed to make man law-abiding. Our judicial laws today are based on them. Somehow this has not worked; perhaps it conflicted with empowering man with freewill. If everyone could agree on one dream there would be no problems. But people of different cultures have different dreams, and debate on whose dream is the best. They argue over technicalities, they fight over whose dream to follow, so the outcome of religious dreams can lead to disaster. It can also be a great comfort.

Simply beautiful.

Simply beautiful.

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Tell him his dreaming.

Could this be Lau Tzu?

Could this be Lau Tzu?

Had I accepted Gabriel’s challenge, what beliefs would I have promoted? The Way that can be explained is not the true Way. Call it what you may it will not respond to words the unnameable only reacts to actions. The Toa, translates to The Way in English, to me Toa is the closest understanding of the almighty that keeps the whole cosmos in equilibrium. I think of it as synonymous with nature and its laws.

My reminder to stay on The Path.

My reminder to stay on The Path.

To Hindus Brahmin is the unchanging reality in the world and beyond the world and is also difficult to exactly define. This one god can appear in any form, this accounts for the vast array of strange and colourful Hindu gods. Hinduism is a complex conglomeration of many different beliefs.

Another reminder to keep direction.

Another reminder to keep direction.

Jews, Christians and Muslims beliefs all have the same origin, Abraham. They prefer to call their same eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, creator of the universe, by different names. Jehovah Latin for Yahweh is the Hebrew word. The Christians have a trinity, one god in three persons, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Muslims reject the idea of a trinity, there is but one god they are emphatic on this point. Allah is the absolute with both Shiite and Sunni Muslims. These three religions have split into countless denominations each one claiming to be the authentic interpretation of God’s word. There has been nothing but drama since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. There is even disagreement over what variety of fruit was eaten.

Natures garden.

Natures garden.

I do not want to get involved; the supernatural is incomprehensible to me. I realize I may not be as intelligent as others so am prepared to respect their views. I hope they can be reciprocal towards me. We should treat others as we would like to be treated. The meaning in that cliché has been attributed to many different wise men by his followers.

The sun flower..

The sun flower..

This is why a dream or for real I would not have wanted to be another prophet endeavouring to correct the sinners that are wrecking paradise. The site of the Garden of Eden, Iraq, is now a total disaster area. Israel has seen centuries of bloodshed by people who should know better. Their God commands no killing. There may be a grey area with the Islamic Jihad but if one stirs up an ant’s nest they must expect to get bitten. I would have only added to turmoil trying to rectify an impossible situation.

Stay calm everything  passees.

Stay calm everything passes.

Under the threat of disobeying the wishes of a loving God, in the knowledge he is also a wrathful God. I may have put forward an amendment to the Ten Commandments. Promoting something like Buddha’s Eight Fold Path and explained the ideas of Lau Tzu of Wue and Yin and Yang and the pecking order system, promoting respect, similar to Confucius Not forgetting the children with the Pinocchio song “Give a little whistle.”

A real butterfly.

A real butterfly.

Dreaming of walking in a garden picking a flower and waking up with that flower in my hand can never happen in reality. Unless I was to believe in the supernatural, then anything is possible. I would like to believe I had an all-powerful ally to protect me as I did when I was a child. But we grow up and realize Santa Clause would not fit down our chimney even if he were real. Facing up to reality no Tooth Fairy we can live with, or live without, as long as we live. There are some things we are told by people we respect that may be too hard to grow out of.

Fairy treasure.

It would be nice to believe in fairies , I had to use Photoshop to get this one.

The episode with Gabriel was a dream and in the light of day I know the truth. I am not a butterfly dreaming he is a man. All those ideas are fantasy. We need to mature and take responsibility by systematically improving our thinking and ethical accountability. Ignorance, thoughtlessness, selfishness and greed will destroy our future happiness. Joy is to be found in understanding caring and kindness is our salvation. No one can do this for you, grow-up improve, follow a proven path to enlightenment.

Watch your step and keep to the path.

Watch your step and keep to the path.

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Do you believe in dreams?

Almost bed time.

Almost bed time.

I had this dream.

One of Gabriel's friends.

One of Gabriel’s friends.

It is the middle of night, am I dreaming? Perched on the foot of my bed is a winged intruder. I have this strange feeling of déjà vu. My vision is clearing the intruder is an angel, that would explain how it got in here with the door locked and the apartment on the thirteenth floor. I understand that angels are capable of flight; also if I am dreaming anything is possible. Cogito ego sum or je pense donc je suis, I am dreaming I am not multilingual, I think therefore I am, I must be wide awake because I recognize this bloke invading my space.

“ G’day Gabriel what are you doing in Aussie? I inquire.

“I am like the Blues Brothers Jack, I am on a mission from God.”

“More like you are Down-under up to mischief as usual.” fearlessly I tell him.

“I am here to save God’s children; you still carry the sins of your convict fathers.”

I ignore this remark and hit him with one below the belt.

“Are you going to pollinate any virgin flowers this time?” I ask defiantly.

“You got it all wrong that was the Holy Ghost Jack, have you no faith?”

“I suppose the world is ready for another prophet, Mahomet’s poetic words are being undermined by terrorists.” I reply cynically.

“Exactly the world is in a devastating situation.” He says giving me a pleading look.

Here we go again, I Imagine I got that old feeling, this music is going round in my head, like a haunting refrain.  All I can think to say to Gabriel is in Olivia Newton John’s song, “Please mister please I don’t want to ever hear that song again.”

“What song?  Amazing Grace you like all the feeling in that one.”  He said in his coaxing angelic voice.

Not a nice way to spend Easter.

Not a nice way to spend Easter.

“I know what your mission is, to find another prophet like Mahomet or Jesus. No way, Jesus was literally, double crossed, and there’s been nothing but problems since that apple episode in the garden.” Having said that I stop and think, they still have dire straits in Iraq, it is said that was the site of the garden of Eden. I must be coming down with industrial disease or something. I plug-in some music, roll over and to the sound of music and go back to sleep.

Is he dreaming he is a butterfly.

Is he dreaming he is a butterfly.

Next morning I think maybe I have turned down my big chance but I believe it was all a dream. In the light of day I know I am not a butterfly dreaming I am a man. In China a man dreamt he was a butterfly, next day he thought am I a butterfly dreaming I am man. I have read of other similar cases, a man dreamt he was in a garden, picks a flower and when he woke up he has the flower in his hand. There are people who believe in dreams and people who do not. Do you believe the dream I had or do you think am I crazy or just fabricating this story to get you thinking?

Is he dreaming he is a man?

Is he dreaming he is a man?


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Montage of Religions.

The montage of religions.

Although all these religions have good aspects, they all have doubters and disputes, within their faith and with other religions. All have good intentions and can help in living an ethical life.  But in my opinion none are the ultimate answer. I could be wrong, I am still learning, no doubt I am ignorant of some of the details. We often look outside and criticize others, when the fault lies within our self.  I will follow what I believe and not be dogmatic about other dogmas and beliefs. With an open questioning attitude I hope to gain some understanding, of what is possibly an unanswerable question.

A piece of heaven.

I learned some interesting things, while gathering pictures for the montage.

thanks to.

Peace in heaven.

Thanks to Google and all the people whose pictures I used in the montage. All the other pictures I used are my own photos and drawings. That works out reasonably well, thanks to the Photoshop program. For the montage I decided to explore another way of getting pictures and I learned a lot more than I had expected   Thanks to the web site, Islamic Academy, I read the article for non Muslims, well worth reading, especially for people who consider Muslims a threat. That was where I got the beautiful art representation of Allah I liked others but chose the one with the flowers as they are more in keeping with purity and seemed more as a gift from the above. Thanks for the picture I used in the montage from other sites. They all gave me a bit more interesting knowledge about the beliefs they represented. I give thanks to them for this knowledge that contributes to my understanding and enlightenment.

Many rivers flow to one ocean.

Knowledge and understanding are the antidote to fear and hatred. It is said, “Things are neither good nor bad, things are just as they are.” to the wise. We can get too emotionally involved, too judgmental. Some times we think something is wonderful when we learn the price; decide it expensive, not worth the time and effort and often an adversity is a blessing in disguises.

The ocean is vast.

If we look for the good we will find it, if we look for faults we will find them. It could be what we see is only a reflection of what we are looking for. So let us start to look for the good in our fellow man, he is a reflection of you. Smile at the people you meet, they will usually return your smile, do not get upset if they do not, they may have problems and need kindness, not more troubles. Do not be too quick to judge that untidy, mean-looking person, in reality he may have dreadful problems plaguing him. See him under favorable circumstances and he could appear much more appealing.

The ocean is deep.

To judge a belief as a myth and nonsense, before studying it with an open mind is biased, prejudice. A mind interested in the underlying reasoning is more rewarding. Things I once thought had no useful purpose or were unintelligible nonsense, after further investigation I saw the reasoning behind them. Some I then judged as helpful to my spiritual advancement others I decided were not helpful to me. I always benefited in that I gained understanding of the people that lived by those beliefs.

The ocean is beautiful.

Reciprocity, understanding and respect are things that could save a lot of turmoil in our world. To live with trust in our neighbor, knowing he has the same needs as us and if not deprived of his fair share of these basic needs, like us he would rather live in peace than risk his life in war and the destruction. War does more damage to our environment than all the peaceful activity. Nature is infinite and will not be destroyed, man is mortal he will be destroyed, if he refuses to learn.

Natures beautiful gifts we should appreciate in your own way.

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Temple gate gards.

The Waking Dreamer.

The title could have been “The Waking Dreamer.” or “The Awake Dreamer.” because when I dreamed up the picture for this post I was wide awake. I was tired and relaxing uninterested in any activity so I was not focused and concentrating on anything. This is when the mind takes off on its own and if you are tired why not let it take over? If it starts to take you some where you would rather not go, do as you would in meditation take another deep breath and start concentrating on your breath.

Guarding four directions.

What is that noise? Then the thought popped into my mind and I let it run. People just do not understand shouting will do no good; you have to reason with people. The thoughts came racing, some will not listen, they think they are right, no it is their ego that is stopping them, maybe it is they have been told not to listen, that is not reason, that is unreasonable, we will never learn anything if we do not listen.

Beautiful Jesus staned glass,

Some religious people are like that, they are extremists, bigots, fanatics. My mind is racing now. These people are fundamentalists that give a religion a bad name. Why do they disagree, argue, fight, go against all moral decency and kill?

The om syllable a Hyndu symbol for Brahman.

Stop, it is time to cool down, relax take a deep breath, do not get all excited. This is the danger of letting the monkey mind takeover. One needs to be mindful of those uncontrolled thoughts. I then thought music could sooth the situation. The song ‘Imagine” came to mind, then the boy cow herder playing his flute and Shiva doing her dance, Buddha, Lao Tzu,  Confucius and Jesus could sing along I think most religions like singing.

Chinese temple Darwin.

All the heavenly angels and the like could gather in the heavens to listen. Some gods might find this a bit below them. But we could have a copy of the Creation of Adam that Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as a back drop. What a superb fantasy, everyone invited to the greatest concert of all time. Hold on! Let’s not get too carried away, focusback to the breathing meditation.

Muslim art represinting Allah.

It is one thing to dream up a picture like this. How do I achieve my dream picture? I will do it with the help of the Photoshop program, I have no picture of the Creation of Adam so will use Google and the snippet tool. Even if my photos are not the best I always use them. The montage is going to be difficult to bring them all together in reality, harder still to bring them all together. Well it is not a bad way to pass the time and it is exercising the 80 year old brain, just like the body needs a work out, so does the brain. I have found the saying “use it or lose it“to be true.

Picture in Chinese Temple.

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This is no day dream this is for real.

I Had a dream.

Anything can happen in a dream. We dream all the time awake or asleep. We often cannot recall the dreams we have when asleep. In one dream I was flying over a garden full of flowers. The view was the same as you would see if you were hang-gliding. In the dream I was buzzing along, not in an airplane, I was a bee buzzing along. Anything can happen when you are dreaming and in this dream I was a big, busy bumble bee buzzing along looking for a lovely beautiful flower to pollinate. Not like Chuang Chou, he dreamt he was a butterfly and when he woke up, he wondered was he a butterfly dreaming he was a man. I am not confused, in my dream I am a bee, doing a wonderful job pollinating flowers what better work can you get than that?


A bee in paradise.

I am attracted to this lovely looking flower, I zoom down wu wei! She is not only easy on the eye she feels soft, a feeling beyond words. There is nothing better than doing a job you love, it is not work, it is a pleasure. So I commence the pollination process. That is when I woke up and realized I was only dreaming. No different to the man who dreamt he was in paradise and given a flower and when he woke up he found that flower in his hand, Unreal!

What are their dreams?

Reality is hard to define everything is subject to change in the passage of time. The world was believed to be flat; the earth was believed to be the centre of the universe. The truth we now believe is the world is spherical and it is an allusion we see when the sun rises or sets. In reality our world is revolving around the sun. What other allusions does man in his ignorance believe? We must keep an open mind and be prepared to listen to other views then we can better evaluate the truth.

Sleeping like a baby.

We do need to believe in things to morally guide our actions, religious or an ethical philosophy, giving us a direction to aim for in our life. Without something you will drift like a boat without a rudder. With any religion you will have a moral code of ethics to follow and the fellowship of like minded people. Like a ship with a rudder and compass in working order and chartered course to go by. You will have joined an armada sailing under the same orders.

We are one but we are many.

If you find the flotilla is heading a course full of obstacles and you are shown a more direct and safe course. Although it may take moral strength, it would be foolish to continue in a direction you did not believe in. We are not boats, still we need to know the best guidelines to follow. To find the right guidelines will entail keeping an open wind and this takes quite a lot of time and effort.

Would this be a wooden Lao Tzu?

Maybe that is why most people take the lazy way and put their trust in someone they believe they can trust. Sometimes the nicest of people, honest, loving and caring can be misguided; others may have an ulterior motive. It is an adult’s responsibility to study different people’s beliefs to get some understanding of their ways and what they hold sacred. We then may be able to smooth out a lot of conflict and unrest.

A very special image of the Buddha.

Dreaming is not reality it is something subliminal deep in our mind, perhaps it is a wish too complex for the conscious mind to come to terms with or it could be something unresolved in our waking hours. Maybe a dream is triggered by something we are obsessed with. I will tell you the dream I had with my eyes wide open.  No reoccurring dreams invaded my sleeping hours. My next post will be “The Waking Dream.”, it is one of those daydreams. Can you imagine anything like it? I like short posts, so you are invited back to see how the dream session ends.

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