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Doodle Landscape.

Doodle Landscape.

In drawing as in life we learn from our mistakes. Mistakes are often made when we fail to clearly see things as they are. Look carefully at all the angles look at the negative and the positive shapes; compare the way things relate to one another. Notice these things in drawing and life. Cameras capturing life in a moment, you reflect on the result later. When sketching you are fully absorbed in the now observing the detail. You are trying to capture what you personally see and feel about the subject. There is no room for outside thoughts and distractions. This is an experience like meditation you are totally focused on the subject. Photography can help you notice things and also be interesting. With drawing you have artistic license, a quality a camera lacks.

While waiting for meal Resterant Musion ballpoint on minu.

While waiting for meal, Restaurant Muscian, ballpoint on menu.

When traveling, while I wait for transport or meals, sketching is a way to pass the time. A few scribbled words can be added and you have a record of your journey. It is a better way of helping you recall your travels and liven up your diary. I think I first started doing this on a trip to Thailand. If I do not have a sketch pad I draw on whatever is available. But if you do not keep your sketches in order it is not long before they go astray.  Sketches saved in a pad, though not works of art, I find are like Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps.

Inspirational Goodle Birds.

Inspirational Doodle Birds.

Photography is good, but it lacks the satisfaction you get when sketching.

I bought a digital camera and it is so easy to take photos with automatic settings and the computer is better than a well equipped dark room. This is cost-effective and comparatively easy. Consequently my interested in learning digital photography like the computer became almost an addiction. I am spoiled with too many wonderful things and new tempting advancements coming on the market every day. I must remind myself these things are not necessities; I can always pick up a pencil and sketch.

Looking for love. pencle.

Looking for love. penile.

I enjoy trying to keep up with the new technology, but no one can master, or afford all that is on offer. If the cost becomes a problem, I will be back to the sketch pad and pencils. We do not need all the latest tempting things advertised on TV. Material things do not bring lasting happiness. Because they need maintenance and become obsolete, breakdown, wear out and are expensive. A sketch pad and pencils is affordable and less hassle.

If uninspired it can still be an 'Amazing Doodle.'

If uninspired it can still be a ‘Amazing Doodle.’

Some things we need and some things we just want.

Making decisions in life and drawing you look at the angles and the negative and the positive.  These are decision not to be made without comparing how one thing relates to another. You also need to learn from role-models. In life it is someone honorable you learn from. In art it is all those renowned people whose work we see in art galleries and books. There are libraries full of books on good examples in art and life. Drawing leads us to an expanding education. Not only using books, we now have our PC and all it has to offer like Google and Wikipedia.

My ugg boot resting on a stoneware pot.

My ugg boot resting on a stoneware pot.

Perspective, your view-point, the tone of things, the contrast, the flow the movement, the medium and the composition are all involved. The world of art starts with drawing and what a wonderful world to explore. It is not a matter of how talented you are it is what you learn when you try to do anything. Appreciation, and understanding come only from doing it, practice brings perfection.

Thailand diary.

Thailand diary.

This is how I have fun with art and learn from it. Now I am furthering my learning with Lisa of designs and destinatioun.



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A alone wee waif.

A lone wee waif.

This is my answer to your challenge, Time out for art thanks Lisa Zeebra.

He looks sad but he is full of mischief. I just lack the talent to make him look happy. Maybe trying to get him to stay still made him sad. If he would have just sat still I think I could have put a smile on his face. I was tempted to put a cartoon smile on his face but that is not the challenge, a cartoon smile is too easy.

I got him to stay still by eating a biscuit and he sat there looking so mournful. You would think he was starving, dogs make you guilty every mouthful you take with their pleading look.

This drawing reminds me of a poem I knew as a child. ‘A loan wee waif of tawny brown. Adrift in the roar of a headless town. That begs as plain as tongue can sue. “Oh mister please may I follow you.” ‘I do not know who wrote it or any more lines. Maybe some one can jog my memory?



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A tipical Blue Healer Camp.

A typical Blue Healer Camp.

Blue Healer Trip 1996.

This is a vine caller the Strangler Fig.

This is a vine caller the Strangler Fig.

Strangler Fig see how they take over their host tree.

Back in 1996 my pommepal and I hired a Toyota camp-van in Darwin. Stocked it with canned food we would need so we could visit Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks. It was Pauline’s first experience of this area and it had been 40 years since I had visited here. All had changed there was no need for my concern about provisions one could see almost all the highlights without getting off the tar-seal roads. We enjoyed all the wonders of these great National Parks. Pauline saw Australian animals in their natural environments at the wild life park at Litchfield.

Pauline, the Blue Healer and Bush turkies.

Pauline, the Blue Healer and Bush turkey.

When we got to Cairns Queensland we decided to travel less luxuriously and save money. We bought an old Mitsubitsu L300 van for $ 2,000. It was painted a powdery sky blue with patches of red lead paint, actually it was difficult to see where the red lead paint finished and the rust started. It was the same colour as the Aussie Blue cattle dog known as a ‘Blue Healer’. So I called the van the ‘Blue Healer’ and there was also a TV serial about the police called ‘The Blue Healer.’

The Banksia is tortured by hars conditions pluss fires.

The Banksia is tortured by harsh conditions and fires.

So we could sleep in the van we removed a seat and bought a sheet of five ply wood to place between the back seat and rest on the ledge behind the front seat. Then we visited the recycle shop and bought all our camping needs. The only thing we bought new was our gas bottle. Pauline could tell you the total cost I never bother about costs as long it is within my budget. It was well within our budget it will have paid for its self after the first month.

Banksia men fun and imagination.

Banksia men fun and imagination.

We gave the Blue Healer a real test on its first trip from Cairns, at sea level, up to the Atherton Table lands. We stayed at a newly opened backpackers called ‘On the Wallaby’ at Youngaburra. We mostly stayed at freedom camps, they are free but some have a limit on time you can stay. For a change we sometimes stayed at old hotels or backpacker hostels. We also did WWOOF ing and learned organic gardening as well as all the local knowledge. WWOOFing is the way to meet interesting people and learn many astonishing things, most are vegetarians again we learned new recipes.

Wonderful WWOOFing experiance at Murgon.

Wonderful WWOOFing experience at Murgon.

Murgon go there.

The old ’Blue Healer’ carried us over mountains and on bush tracks it forded streams and took that van where we never would have risked an expensive vehicle. It was small but Pauline and I had it set up to our liking and it was home, we loved our ‘Blue Healer’ it never failed us. We had an amazing trip on a meandering journey all the way to Sydney. In Sydney a warrant of fitness to sell a rusted out vehicle is not granted. So I reluctantly sold our ‘Blue Healer’ for parts. I like to think of that as recycling and that the parts are still traveling around.

Waiting for dinner, diary notes.

Waiting for dinner, diary notes.

When Pauline and I travel we like to meet people and see the things the locals enjoy. It is a learning adventure, not always easy, but we always have a bailout plan. We travel light and never keep pushing on beyond our resources in physical, stamina and finances. Always have your return ticket. You hear a lot of horror stories. Pauline and I have ventured way off the beaten tourist tracks and had no drastic problems. That is because people are usually a reflection of you and you need to deflect them. Do not dressed out-of-place or flaunt your wealth.

The dark tunnel to Emu Beach.

The dark tunnel to Emu Beach.

That may be why we had such a wonderful time in the ‘Blue Healer’ we had no worries about scratching the paint. We could have walked away no worries, other than hitching a lift, if it had failed us. A small van can fit in were the big vans have trouble and people were never envious of our great ‘Blue Healer.’ I have never enjoyed a vehicle more than the ‘Blue Healer’

Singing wind monument at Emu.

Singing wind monument at Emu.

Emu go there.

I am not sketching much since digital cameras took over. Back in 1996 photography was expensive so I always did a sort of sketch diary and this was good. It gave me an excuse to take a rest and better observe things. Sketching can be like meditation you are fully focused. Now we still have thousands of photos deteriorating in a cupboard and I have my trip sketches of old trips. Drawings well not fade as photos and our memory does. Actually it is not our memory but our recall. This post has triggered my recall.

Light House Byron Bay.

Light House Byron Bay.

Byron Bay go there.

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Colourful words.

Speak no evil hear no evil & see no evil.

Speak no evil hear no evil & see no evil.

When I write a post I think have these words already been written, much better, by learned authorities on the subject, educated people who understand the complex syntax and grammar of the English language. Then a fearful thought crosses my mind, do I want to put more writing out into a world already overloaded with rubbish written by know-all dunces. Next I question is it worth the effort, when I am not sure my words will be under stood. To quote Humpty Dumpty in Lewis Carroll’s book “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean neither more nor less.”

My sketch and quotes book.

My sketch and quotes book.

Will I get it right and write the right, right, the spell-check will not tell me? How does the spell-check affect the effect? The order of words in a sentence needs to be carefully considered. Words need to be in the right order. It is easy to put the right word in the wrong place. Sentence structure is what syntax is all about. I thought syntax was what a prostitute paid the Inland Revenue Department. As for grammar I thought it was the way they spelt grandmother in the U.S. I know how to get a colourful comment from the spell-check. I may stop ignoring the correction because the “u” is superfluous. But I have this aversion to some American ways, especially their slang it is taking over Australia’s colourful language.

My drawing of Confucies.

My drawing of Confucius.

Aussies are noted for their habit of using crude adjectives, even to the extent of popping them in the middle of a word.  A couple of examples are wheel-bloody-barrow and Kooka-bloody-burra.  Aussies may use bastard inappropriately, bastard can even be used as a term of endearment in Aussie, if you smile and have the right tone of voice. In the U.S.A. slang is far more offensive. One common insult is to accuse people of incest with their mother. The U.S. can be given the credit of spreading the English language to many countries by way of the movie industry and advertising. The down side is advertising encourages greed and envy and some movies use offensive, crude gutter language.

Sun rise.

Sun rise.

The ignorant, with a limited vocabulary copy, the educated that are too lazy are also at fault. Our speech has become offensive, impolite, coarse, inappropriate and unbecoming. Degraded by the over use of the improper words and punctuated with “you know”, I am not a mind reader, I do not know unless you can tell me. Over use has made “shock words” lose all their attention grabbing qualities. As for advertising, it has created a monster that causes cravings as bad as drugs. People commit all kinds of crime because of habitual cravings. Wanting far more than we need has created a wasteful greedy society. Sorry to say this Uncle Sam because your people are mostly good, caught up in a monster of your own creation. I am also sorry that people from all around the world are following your example.

Nice words.

Nice words.

Natures pendulum swings in a wide arc, mans time is but a heart beat in eternity, natures time is limitless. Nature’s pendulum swings back and forth, driving the hands on the clock that point to the fate of empires that rose and fell. Is this the right metaphor? What wind’s the spring that swings the pendulum, that drives the hands pointing to the doom of empires? Who will the clock chime for next? What happens after one revolution, will the clock proceed into darkness then to a new dawning? Here is where I say “I am perplexed if I know, you know what I mean.”

Keep quiet.

Keep quiet.

Did I write it right, original, understandable, has it all been said before? You had better tell me because “I am foiled if I know, you know what I mean, foiled, frustrated and fumbling for a fitting four letter word, you know what I mean,” and these words are on the tip of lots of celebrity’s tongues. Many people in the public eye substitute the word freaking, but you know what they mean. Some people may not agree but this is the way I see it. It is not that these words have no place in speech, used appropriately any word is acceptable. The point is people who know better and are in the public eye are setting a bad example.

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Go with the flow.

You sit here quietly enjoying yourself, forget your active self. Such is not a denial of real self.

There is no real self to deny, as a self that persists always in one pattern, one mood, one degree of intelligence, one turn of affection.

The living you is always changing. Live now except yourself as you are now. There is no one to always blame no one to be always praised.

Each moment you are lifted by a different wave, blown by a wind from a different coast line. Each moment you are responding differently, as chemical combinations change and result in different reactions to changing external stimuli.

If winds seem too strong, know they will subside. If waves seem too high remember the calm below the waves.

The tree on the shore accepts both storm and calm. You must accept, perforce, go with what happens and be part of it.

With no ego to set its self apart, you will find accommodating much more pleasant, than trying to insist the universe accommodates it’s self to a certain ego that feels it’s self too be the eternal, unchanging centre of the whole show.

 This little Boat will survive the storm, as it suits its motions to the wave’s heaves and the winds most furious blasts.

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How I imagine lao-tzu.

Star Wars and Lao-tzu.

In the movie Star Wars Obi-Won Kenobi said to Skywalker “May the Force be with you.” I have forgotten all the action that made Star Wars a great movie. The one thing that has stayed with me is when Obi-Won Kenobi said to Skywalker “May the Force be with you”. This force is everywhere and gives the Jedi their power. Conversely it gives the villain Darth Vader his, opposing power.

Darth vader.

The similarity between Lao-tzu and Zhungzi writing about the Tao and Star Wars power is obvious. The Tao is described as the driving force of everything an indescribable force that keeps the whole cosmos in equilibrium. Lao-tzu is quoted as saying “The Tao that can be described is not the real Tao.”

Obe Won kinobi

The opposite forces of Yin, the dark and negative, and Yang, the Hot and light side, as shown in the beautiful Yin and yang symbol of opposing opposites are attributed to Zou yan. All this has a Pantheist philosophy about it, the unfathomable laws of nature and the delicate balance, nature needs to keep things flowing in harmony. Mans ignorance of natures laws are causing problems. When the Yin and Yang are out of balance, like nature out of balance there are problems.

The ego does not like to admit it does not understand the big questions, so man invents explanations in the form of powers, forces and gods. I really do not know, one of them could be right; I will not debate on that subject. I try to keep an open mind, I have my ideas but they are like clay that has not been fired, they can be reshaped. I do not mind sharing my ideas, largely they are not my ideas, they are a combination of ideas from many sources.

Mimiatere Buddha in geode.

The Buddha is supposed to have said “Do not accept my teaching, practice then and only accept them if they work. I have been putting those words into practice, testing many vastly different beliefs and concepts, from motivational books to religious writing, myths to scientifically proven facts. As well as science fiction like Star Wars. It does not matter where it originated or who said it first. If it works for you practice it.

People are looking for truth, truth is hard to define, it is subject to change, what was true in the past is often not true today. The exception to this is that everything in time is subject to change. All things in time change it is a universal unchanging fact. It is part of the Buddha’s teaching and when fully under stood will help to alleviate suffering.

Fundamental to all schools of Buddhism are the Four Noble Truths and The Eight Fold Path. Refer to my earlier page A Path to Live By. Also The Way to Peace and Contentment. Ignorant of right understanding, the way things really are, we grasp and cling to things we should realize are fleeting, unsustainable and impermanent. Like a child with an inflated balloon an unpleasant outcome is inevitable. This is learning the hard way from life experience. The lesson may have to be repeated. Still many never learn that giving is more rewarding than clinging and hording. To be able to share and let go when the need arises.

This is all part of the original teachings of Sakyamuni the sage of Shakyas,  Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha.  No other ethical guide, religion or philosophy reveals so clearly actions leading to peace, contentment and the end of suffering. The Four Noble truths: that life has unsatisfactory aspects causing suffering, because of ignorance craving and attachment. The Eight fold Path leads to cessation of attachment and craving and therefore suffering. Sanskrit words describing the Four Noble Truths, The first truth is Dukkha a word that has no exact synonym in English. To describe dukkha as suffering is misleading. All beings are subject to suffering because of ignorance of the true nature of things. The problem is all things are impermanent described by the Sanskrit word Anicca. The Buddha was like a doctor discovering the disease first, noting the cause second, prescribing the medicine third and fourth the cure, The Eight Fold Path.

Meditation is another Buddhist teaching that originated at a much earlier time, it is mentioned in the Bible, Hindu Vedas, Chinese Taoist and adopted in Buddhism as a way to calm and train the mind. These are the profound teachings The Buddha gave to his followers. As Buddhism spread it absorbed other beliefs, religions and myths, some like the Taoist are worthy of study. Though many only muddied the water, but do make interesting reading and should be looked into.

The Eight fold Path is a way of life that gives one a long-term goal to aim for. Taking self-discipline without any divine help, it is not an easy path to adhere to in the turmoil of life’s distractions. To stray from the path has no dreaded fear of retribution from a demanding God. The only repercussion is karma, the law of cause an effect, the seed you sow governs the crop you get.

The idea of Karma originated in Hinduism they believed a just God punished or rewarded as was deserving of the individual’s deeds. The Buddha did not enter into discussing gods and creation his interest was in finding a cure for suffering. Originally Buddhists believed Kama to be the law of cause an effect. To test this smile and usually you get a smile in return when we act badly there is a negative response. It may not happen immediately but when the conditions are right the deed will yield a like response. Karma is a fact in this life, as for the afterlife I would not speculate.

Buddha’s teaching is a profound philosophy that has been polluted as it spread to other lands. Today it is a conglomeration of many beliefs, myths and religions. I find this reading colourful, interesting and a wonderful puzzle to be sorted out. Wise and helpful aspects have been added as well as unintelligible nonsense.

I try not to criticize the beliefs others hold because religious people are usually sincere, kind and trustworthy, if treated with respect. Reciprocity is needed, one cannot expect respect, if they are not respectful, or be trusted if not trustworthy or be shown kindness if they are unkind. All this can be thought of as aspects of karma.

Unfortunately religions create positions of power that can have an adverse influence on the religion. Yet if religion is sincerely practiced it can be a great comfort and do a lot of good.

All major religions have the same basic principles, commandments, precepts or laws.  Beyond all the other differences there is a neutral place we can all meet and share the basic good values we all hold, a place where empathy and kindness lead to understanding.

miniature buddha in geode.

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Is this all?

Some thing to think about. It is said the thought produces the word:the word manifests the deed and the deed developes the habit then the habit hardens into character.Our five senses take in all that surrounds us and our busy mind translates that into thoughts. I think our mind gets over loaded in this modern world, or may be I just can’t hack the pace. I try to be mindful of my thought, not an easy thing to do, meditation helps me. Still I often say the first thing that pops into my mind.I have to watch my thoughts some wise person said”As the shadow follows the body, as we think so we become.””Was that wise person Confucius or did he say “Boy who makes love to girl on side of hill not on the level.”?

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