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Let us have a cup of tea.

Let us have a cup of tea.

Actions speak louder than words so don’t annoy me with cross words.

The cross words found in newspapers should be our only cross words.

Crazy photos to match the post.

Crazy photos to match the post.

Cryptic ones are crazy challenges that play with words.

Watch your step.

Watch your step.

This is a cryptic post you may not follow what it is actually on about you might find it is a total waste of time. Time is the problem in places like waiting rooms, when you don’t take a book to read. But there is usually a lot of uninteresting reading matter and this may be the time you feel like having a cross word.

There is lots to watch here.

There is lots to watch here.

It is better to fritter your time away on a cross word than getting all up-tight  There should never be a cross word just an innuendo inserted in the right place. The intro is over now into the crazy crypt crossword.

Could the answer to the puzzling one across be ‘love’, no not enough letters four is not enough. Ignorance is no good, knowledge is needed to succeed. We have to know another word for love. Love is too ambiguous implying romance passion and lust. We have to be precise and know compassion. That’s it one across, compassion, if we have that right four down will be easy. Four down, is found in a doctors waiting room? Eight letters, patients that’s what’s needed.

Incredible what we do to be outstanding.

Incredible what we do to be outstanding.

This one is easy. The clue is, Dance then drink part of a cup of tea an go? Too easy Tango and they say it takes two to Tango. Yes reciprocity is a must for a congenial relationship.

Does it out do those old cathedrals.

Does it surpass those old cathedrals?

So what have we got right, no four letter words the right words are all nice . We have compassion, patience and Tango. Four down has twelve letters. It has to be perseverance, that  ties it all in.

This was built for education.

This was built for education.

Clue to twenty across, nine letters, there are two words in the clue. The last words to end of a fairy tale’. Well if you must have the last word, the fairy tale relationship is, all over, no all over is only seven letters, but it is all over if you always have the last word.

Another building in the same area.

Another building planted close by.

Fairy Tales have happy endings, happy endings has too many letters. The last words of all fairy tales, is they all lived happily ever after. That is, the last words to end a fairy tale. Ever after I can’t add an s so I am one letter short.  I Tried but I failed but I did not fail to try.

These buildings grow on you.

These buildings grow on you.

I need a little help from my friends. What is the very end of a fairy tale? Two words nine letters.

This is a link you will find interesting explaining the Vertical Gardens Building. Within the link is a link to a video that is well worth a look.http://www.architectureanddesign.com.au/news/the-story-behind-patrick-blanc-vertical-gardens-at

What do you think of them?

What do you think of them?

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 The Facts.

Can you understand this writing.

It is difficult to write our thoughts and convey the ideas we have in our mind. It is even harder to find the right words when speaking. Without time to think we comment on subjects that we have no firsthand knowledge of. We often accept things we read or hear without a thought as to the origin. Then confidently repeat something totally ignorant of the validity of what we are saying. When someone disagrees with us the ego wants to step in and argue. I have said and argued without thinking many times and have to be mindful when socializing or I still fall into this trap. Once something is said unlike the written word there is no deleting or erasing, no second thoughts.

See no evil,hear no evil and speak no evil.

Four of the steps on the Buddha’s Eight Fold Path are, Right understanding. Right thoughts and Right speech, steps we have to be mindful of, or fall into this trap. Right mindfulness is another important step on the path to enlightenment. The distractions of life make it so easy to stray from the path.

One of the many Buddha statues in Thailand.

Life can be fully enjoyed when we realize the true nature of things. One of the things we must be aware of is all things are subject to change. The beautiful flower soon withers and becomes compost to nourish new life. Picking and clinging to the flower will not change natures plan, it is beyond our control and to fight this only brings us pain. This is the nature of things, we must cooperate.

To love anything is a joy, but to cling to love is a mistake. The people we love are capable of hurting us the most, when we are separated from them we worry or miss them, there is always this down side to life. Our children grow up; we must let them go as we do not own them. In fact we do not own anything it is all on loan, when, like the flower, our life is over, we will become food for new life. Are you thinking Jack is full of what is good for the garden?

Hear no evil, do no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

We can have all the joy, happiness and pleasure and less unhappiness when we realize there is a price to pay for everything and it is not in dollar bills we pay, it is in good deeds, kindness and compassion. Life is a garden; whatever you put into it is what you will get out of it. Wanting all those material things will not bring contentment, they only bring a fleeting happiness, then the realization of their downside, they need maintenance, storage, they chip, dent, wear out, need I go on. We do not want all the down side, all the problems, and try to avoid them. Life is one thing after another, we are always wanting or avoiding, running to or from, never contented.

Monkey business, you can’t win them all.

Pleasures lift you up and then they drop you down, the higher you go, the further you fall. Calm is not very exciting, actually boring to youth, they still, usually, have the resilience to rebound. What a dull world without that youthful, exuberant energy. As the joints lose their flexibility and spring we like tranquility. The old need to make some allowance for youth and remember when they were young. The young have no personal experience of the ravages of time on the human body. Actually they have not had much experience at all and what experience they have had is unlike previous generations. So pleasure is a youthful thing.

A pleasure to see.

Happiness, we all like to be happy, we strive to be happy, and we work and toil to be happy. Ironically, chasing after happiness, we miss the happiness now. Happiness has to be experienced in the now. If you are happy in your occupation you will never have to toil. Work is a joy if we regard it in the right way, by taking a pride in what we are doing and not rushing to finish it to do something else.

Marvelous, every leaf the same.

To provide your needs, find a job that will promote good and benefit all. Do it to the best of your ability, it will bring you rewards that money cannot buy, satisfaction, respect, trust and friends. Happiness depends on the now and the circumstances prevailing, sometimes things are beyond our control and happiness will not always happen. Happiness is more reliant on the outside. Contentment is a state of mind even when adversity challenges us we can overcome it with the right attitude.

To lose something we value is bad but not to accept the loss and fret about it is only compounding the pain. We can be in pain but we do not have to suffer.

Another of natures perfect pattern.

Contentment is the greatest happiness. Health is the greatest wealth. Love is the greatest conqueror. Understanding is the greatest.




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Sunrise on the Gold Coast.


The Pantheist.

At the closing of the day nature often gives a spectacular display. To quietly watch the sunset is one of nature’s many magnificent gifts. To quietly focus on the shapes and colours of the clouds, relaxes, rejuvenates us freeing our mind of stress. We often forget, neglecting to appreciate what is freely given.

Nature has no ego to feel insulted and threaten punishment for our insults to Gods beautiful gifts. If we would rather admire man made things, or watch T.V. or make money our god. Nature goes her impartial way; the loss is ours, just another one of nature’s automatic laws.

Paddle your feet.

To get away from the pressures of town, we find peace where we can, earth-out,    paddle bare-foot in the shallow water by the sea, or in a forest stream, or in a puddle as a child would, is a simple pleasure often unrealized by adults.

We do not have to meditate on a mountain top. Our mind can be stilled and our body rejuvenated by time spent in quiet contemplation close to nature’s virgin wonderland. Hearing sounds, seeing visual displays and marveling at the complex system that keeps this ever changing, environmental system in balance, actually the whole cosmos in equilibrium.

W,A. wild flower.

Spirals, eddies, meanders, fractals, trees branching and Fabonacci spiral sequences are all part of natures functional application, of mathematics and physics, where space and time are controlled, using minimal space and effort. Man has only copied from nature and our achievements are only child-like in comparison to nature’s example.

Both flower and seed pod are beautifully aranged.

Though I try, all this complexity is beyond my comprehension. So I just show my respect and admiration as often as I can. In return nature gives me rewards of peace and pleasure. The day will eventually come when I will reluctantly have to leave these marvelous gifts.

The river meanders far below.

I will return to where I came from, as nothing is wasted or destroyed in nature, it only changes and reforms. I may fly with dust-mites in the air, or reappear anywhere. This is why we need a belief in some supreme Force a Tao a God or something to pin our hope on.

Dead branches make beautiful petterns.

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No need to dye it.

No need to diet just keep in balance with nature. The amount of food you eat should be balanced with the amount of excise you do.

Just as there is no need to dye natures food, its colour is beautiful without artificial colouring.

Don’t attack your food, take the time to enjoy the natural colour, design,  aroma and flavour of food.

The dining table is not a race track or battle field, savour what you eat.

Don’t swallow before you have relished the texture and flavour don’t take another bite till you have chewed every last morsel.

This is mindful eating, living in the moment, not hurrying with your mind on something else.

The simple joy of life is to be fully engaged in what you are engaged in, not wanting to be in some other place or doing some thing else.

Life  is not about quantity it is about quality, it is appreciating and enjoying without greed.

Imagine if you had never eaten this food before and you will never experience it again.

Natures food is superb look at the colour , design and patterns when you cut fruit and vegetables,

I am not going to discuss cutting up meat I see no pleasure in that.

Eat to live don’t live to eat. 

Natures design.


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